Sberbank Russia

A platform for checking credit history
Under current legislation in Russia, both entrepreneurs and legal entities willing to obtain credit history, need to personally contact a credit bureau and undergo a personal identification procedure. Alternatively, it’s possible to buy a credit history report at branches of several banks or purchase reports via dedicated services. All these options require the physical presence of a client for identification. Sberbank wanted to change this outdated approach and take all the steps online with Instareport.

Instareport by Sberbank is implemented based on the “one-stop-shop” principle. As everything happens online, customers don’t need to collect a package of documents and go through an additional identification process. Instead, they get a turnkey report in their mailbox.

The report serves as a solution to identify errors and negative aspects in credit history, learn about bank requests, and better evaluate the chance of obtaining a loan.


Now Sberbank’s customers have the opportunity to check their credit history based on data from the National Bureau of Credit Histories, the United Credit Bureau, and Equifax.

The report contains information about a borrower’s loans and lenders, as well as information about payment discipline. The service allows individual entrepreneurs and legal entities to access information on existing and closed loan agreements, bank guarantees, and inquiries made by banks to verify the borrower’s credit history.

Instareport Interface

HES FinTech created a unique service for the Russian market. Now the bank’s business customers can receive turnkey reports on their credit histories, without having to personally visit credit bureaus and undergo a complex identification procedure. The new service will allow Sberbank’s customers to improve their credit history and, thus, raise chances to get a loan.