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Increase conversions, average order values, and customer loyalty with HES LoanBox

BNPL software includes
Embeddable plugins
Borrower Portal
Back Office
Time-to-market from 3 months
Integrations with 3rd-party software
AI-powered collection module
Automated loan application flow
AI-powered decision-making
For all types of retailers
Point of Sale

BNPL software
for E-commerce

Enhance your online store with BNPL options to improve customer service and meet
business objectives, like increased transaction volume or the average purchase value

for your shoppers

Offer your customers a seamless and empowering shopping experience with our BNPL solution.

A new, convenient payment method

The ability to afford higher-priced items

They can try on and keep only what fits

Interest-free purchases
Digital onboarding

Boost sales with BNPL software

The onboarding flow is integrated directly into the online store via our plugin,
featuring a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ button. Shoppers can apply for installment payments, provide their
information, and receive instant purchase approval, all within the shopping interface for a seamless

HES LoanBox comes with a robust KYC functionality that allows for nearly instant identity verification through personal data and document images.

Configurable application flow
Based on your business needs, HES system analysts will help you build an application flow to boost conversion while getting all the needed information.
Offer a seamless, secure, and fast transition from application to approval without compromising your financial interests. GiniMachine’s analysis pinpoints the banking partners offering the best conditions for each product, in every store, for every shopper.
Once a shopper submits their application, GiniMachine analyzes borrower data in real-time and assesses their creditworthiness with impressive accuracy.
Anonymous application scoring
Customized installment offers
Data-driven business decision
Improved customer satisfaction
Enhanced security measures
Insights into customer behavior
Borrower Portal

One space for all details

Customers are smoothly transitioned to a Borrower Portal, where they can access details about
their installments and make payments, all from a single, convenient location.
Back Office

Manage all installments
in one place

Loan management
Decision making
Debt collection
Monitor and manage every application from a single dashboard. This centralized control simplifies the
tracking of all installment plans, ensuring efficient operation and optimal financial management.

Feature-rich back
for loan managers

Automated decision-making
Buy Now Pay Later software sweeps away manual processes, ad-hoc queries, and paper trails. Get a single
smooth automated workflow that meets borrowers’ needs while improving operational efficiency.
Automated decision-making
The BNPL software sweeps away manual processes, ad-hoc queries, and paper trails. Get a
single smooth automated workflow that meets borrowers’ needs while improving operational

AI application and collection scoring
Boost your lending processes with GiniMachine’s AI-powered decision-making capabilities.
Prioritize tasks and choose effective communication channels.

Custom dashboards and reports
Access key business metrics anytime by having comprehensive analytics at hand. No fluff, just necessary data in a readable form with easy access, import, and export.
Technology architecture overview

No additional

We build our white-label BNPL platform on FOSS technologies, including Java 11, Spring 5, and PostgreSQL 11. No additional licensing fees – you pay for the platform’s source code only.
aws aws
Cloud provider

backend tools

HES FinTech solutions are developed using free and open-source tools, including Java 11, Camunda, and modeler. This approach eliminates all licensing fees, except for the platform’s source code.
Java LTS stack

Extra security

HES FinTech is ISO 27001 certified, which means our Information Security Management System complies with international standards. In addition, we address security measures through the SDLC to provide our clients with the highest level of security.

Technology Architecture Overview

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