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Solution includes
Borrower Portal
Back Office
Automated disbursement and calculations
Credit lines and revolving loans support
AI borrower evaluation and scoring
Constant security updates
Lifelong customer support

Keep your business
thriving and secured

Cross-channel KYB & AML verification. Reduce fraud risks and protect your business from financial crime with off-the-shelf corporate working capital finance solution. HES software can smoothly integrate with KYB/AML systems, PEP lists, blacklists, and debarred company lists to ensure rock-solid security.

E-sign your documents online
Simplify your document management process with an easy-to-use
e-signature feature for both your team and the borrower. HES working capital finance software
eliminates paperwork and allows easy sharing and storing of sensitive data in a fully digital
and secure environment.
Back Office

Create credit lines
in just a few clicks

Leverage the power to create flexible credit lines that work for you and your clients.
Harness the power of working capital loan software to save time when setting up credit limits,
interest rates, and payment terms. Corporate working capital finance software comes with
automated borrower inquiry scoring, invoice estimation & debtor underwriting.

Flexible digital transactions
Automate your credit disbursement process with ease and precision.
Seamlessly manage direct debits and other financial operations and set up disbursement rules
based on payment data, ensuring a seamless and error-free process.

Powerful product engine

Our product engine is the ultimate tool for creating custom credit
products. With multiple calculation options available, you can design a flexible loan
product that fits your business and clients like a glove.
For any financial institution
Deferred payment

Flexible deferred payment options

HES end-to-end SME working capital finance software offers a range of customizable
payment terms, allowing you to extend payment periods up to 180 days. The platform lets
you quickly and easily customize the ideal deferred payment plan for your customer business
needs, thus providing more control and flexibility.

faster credit
Lending origination

Implement a smart
scoring system

Scoring model

AI/ML-fueled credit scoring
Easy-to-use GiniMachine can be integrated into
HES Core solution to revolutionize credit scoring with its smart and secure AI-based system. Get
accurate predictive models and transparent decision-making with no coding knowledge needed.
Automate model building and validation, set optimal thresholds, and score new applications with

Robust task management
Stay on top of your team’s progress with the HES task management tool.
An intuitive dashboard interface provides easy access to task lists assigned to each team
member based on their respective roles. Ensure your team stays on track and your tasks are
completed on time.

Custom reports and dashboards
Access all your crucial business data in one place with customized
dashboards and reports. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your metrics with clear and
concise visualizations that are easy to read, import, and export.
Technology architecture overview

Leading-edge tools

HES software is available both in-cloud and on-premises and is ISO/IEC
27001 certified. We use the latest Java LTS and Spring Framework for development and
PostgreSQL for data storage. With Terraform, we make it easy to manage infrastructure as

Cloud provider
factoring software technologies

All-in-one working
capital finance software