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Improve efficiency, streamline loan management, and cut operational costs with our white-label lending
software. HES LoanBox’s seamless implementation ensures that you can dramatically accelerate your
workflow. Minimize human errors with automation and optimize your lending business with ease.
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HES FinTech’s end-to-end lending software provides comprehensive functionality, spanning
from the initial loan application to its servicing and collections. Modular
architecture. A Java tech stack. AI credit scoring.

Consumer and commercial lenders
P2P/POS lenders and marketplaces
Microfinance and PDL lenders
In-house financing and private lending
Credit unions

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Robust technical alliances

Elm provides tech solutions that fit society using the latest digital tech and
national expertise. They analyze problems and offer tailored products rather than
importing solutions
Embedded finance
Nafith is a Saudi Arabian company that provides electronic executive bond management
services and organizes them efficiently to protect the rights of commercial
transactions parties
Credit bureau
SIMAT provides members with comprehensive and multi-dimensional credit files on
current and potential commercial borrowers enabling informed lending decisions
Asset management
Wathq provides a range of resources to help developers build, test, and deploy
applications. It provides access to APIs, SDKs, and other tools that are designed to
help developers create high-quality software

Ad-hoc software for lending

business in Saudi Arabia


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