HES LoanBox
Readymade Digital Lending

Equip your lending business with a preconfigured set of financial software modules for automated loan
HES LoanBox
HES LoanBox

Digital transformation made simple

HES FinTech used its 10-year expertise of custom lending software
development to introduce HES LoanBox:
2-4 weeks time to market
Perfect solution for banks, alternative lenders, and in-house financing
Automation & enhanced customer experience

HES LoanBox covers loan origination and loan management in full

Digital Onboarding

Outperform competitors due to intuitive and
tech-advanced digital onboarding. You get an attractive online channel for customer
acquisition with well-designed UI/UX to receive loan applications and seamlessly
to due diligence, risk assessment, and compliance right away.

Borrower portal

Create an updated digital experience for your customers in their personal portal.
Users can apply for loans, monitor the application status, track active and repaid
loans, and easily execute any payments via online channels.

Digital Onboarding

Back office

Increase the efficiency of your employees with the help of a highly functional
back-office that covers a full lifecycle of loan application and servicing. In addition to lists, documents, and operations, the back office covers role management
and segregation of duties to improve the security of business processes.

Borrower Portal

A portal for borrowers serves as a separate environment for you borrowers containing key functionalities
along with a high level of security. Advanced KeyCloak technologies prevent any attempts of unauthorized
system access. The portal settings are flexible and can be adjusted to your needs.
Borrower Profile
Intuitive application
Loan calculator
List of loan
applications and loans
Activities dashboard
SMS and Email

Back Office

Back Office solution by HES FinTech has a highly integrated digital lending architecture for ultimate
operational efficiency. Extended functionality allows handling most of the processes in the background.
Loan application
Loan deals
Task management
List of loan
Product engine
Scoring system
Segregation of duties


Benefit from a comprehensive list of integrations for more technologically advanced customer
service, a high level of security, and insightful reporting. The key integration types include:
A complete user identification with no in-person communications and
paper-based documents.
Effortless omnichannel communication with borrowers and timely notifications
via preferred channels.
Payment Providers
Managing all operation types, for example, ACH payment, cash acceptance, bank
transfer, etc.
Credit bureaus
Receiving information about borrowers or sending updates to credit bureaus to have relevant and complete information about applicants.
BI Tools
HES supports integration with BI tools, their setup, and configuration.

HES LoanBox drives measurable results

HES FinTech is an experienced technology partner of 120+ banks and financial institutions
from North America to EMEA. The company is ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

To create LoanBox, we combined our domain knowledge in lending software development for
financial service providers and created a comprehensive combo of modules meeting the
business processes in full.

Launch the system and issue first loans in 2-4 weeks
Get a new landing page and track conversions
Create new loan products in a few clicks
Enjoy flexible software tailored to your business processes
Speed up loan processing and approval
Benefit from dozens of integrations

Customers say

HES is one of those software vendors that you can trust. They deliver
top-notch front-to-back digital lending platforms with full integrations.
Our business objective was to launch an online PDL solution in Asia. We are
completely happy to select HES FinTech as the technology partner. They’ve been in the
lending software industry for a decade, and most of the team has a solid banking and
financial background.
HES has been our trusted technology partner since 2012. I believe we owe much
of our success to the well-architectured solution created by HES.

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