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factoring software by hes fintech

Customizable factoring solution

that benefits all parties

Factoring origination system provides omnichannel online
registration. A supplier can submit invoices online, set up
reports on the commissions and funding received, securely store
electronic documents in a personal account.

A factor can automatically build scoring models based on
historical data and make data-driven decisions. End-to-end
factoring process coverage: from supplier onboarding, loan
origination and decision making, disbursement and calculation to
the loan closure.

Under open factoring, a debtor may confirm the actuality of the
deal by invoice verification. A debtor can be granted limited
access to the list of invoices provided to a factor by a supplier.

Supplier onboarding

Digital factoring platform

factoring finance software
White-label factoring solution. Omnichannel KYB verification.

A supplier can start registration from one device, and proceed
from another anytime later. Quick access to the info on the state
of receivables, opportunity to add invoices on the go and

digital signature in factoring software
Sign documents electronically
Securely store and share financial information with a simple and
paperless interface. An electronic signature based on powerful
integrations is included in the basic package of factoring finance
software. Enable fully digital e-signature and approval workflows
for both your factoring business team and the borrower.

Inquiry processing

Invoice factoring

origination system

invoice factoring software
Automated factoring invoice underwriting
Make immediate data-driven decisions. The factoring software
solution includes AI scoring system to reveal potentially
profitable deals based on historical business data.

Avoid biases and human mistakes with automated borrower inquiry
scoring, invoice estimation & debtor underwriting.

Customizable workflows

Back Office

Business factoring system

for all-round control

factoring software system
Automation of all the processes and calculations
Track disbursements and payments in real time. Evaluate the quality
of your credit portfolio. Hands-off management over the factoring
deal. HES factoring software systems automatically calculate late
fees, allocated and outstanding assets.

task management in factoring software
Task management
Intuitive interface of a dashboard with lists of tasks assigned to
users according to their roles simplifies the workflow management
and efficiency tracking.

application scoring for factoring
AI/ML scoring software for factoring
Use GiniMachine AI module to assess discipline and credit limits.
Estimate payout terms and recovery changes at ease with the smart
factoring solution.

Technology architecture overview

Powerful tools

HES FinTech uses updated tech stack, including Java 17, Spring
Core, PostgreSQL. The factoring software architecture is based on
FOSS technologies. No additional licensing fees – you pay for the
platform’s source code only.


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