Factoring Software for Immediate Financing

White-label invoice factoring software with fully automated workflows. AI/ML decision-making. Modular architecture. Time to market: 3-4 months.

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From application submission, its approval, and e-signing to the funding, calculation, and repayment — we take your business online.

  • — Automated onboarding process (registration, application, and authorization flows)
  • — Customer due diligence and document management
  • — AI-powered scoring/underwriting/KYC
  • — BPM approach to decision-making
  • — Paperless work with documents


Avoid the flaws of traditional decision-making process with all the paperwork and manual operations. Assess default risk and make more accurate credit decisions automatically and in a matter of minutes.

  • — Have your own risk assessment algorithms implemented
  • — Leverage an AI-powered scoring platform by HES Fintech
  • — Integrate with any third-party scoring providers


An end-to-end servicing system to automate workflows from disbursement to loan closure. The platform is fully customizable so you can quickly bring new products to market or update existing offerings.

  • — Create loan products of any type
  • — Bring in payment calculation and payment date change
  • — Generate payment schedules and transactions
  • — Process a loan discharge


Leverage interactive dashboards with accurate information and easy-to-use tools. Use an inbuilt reporting engine to create any number of reports based on information that is kept, used or accessed by the solution. Export data to a number of formats, create custom reports and instantly deliver relevant statistics.

Factoring Software

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Factoring Software by HES Fintech

On average our customers have experienced
reduction in operating costs
solution flexibility and robustness
increase in efficiency
reduction in time to fund
Technology Architecture Overview

Time to Market

HES Factoring Software can be customized and implemented in 3-4 months. 100% tailored to suit your business requirements. The software supports localization worldwide.

Available Source Code

Purchase the source code and own the software. Without vendor lock-in, the lender controls everything. Host the solution on-premises and further enhance it as necessary.

Tech Stack

HES solution is based on open source and free technologies (Java, PostgreSQL, etc). There are no license fees for anything except for the source code of the platform, we don’t charge you per user and thus don’t penalize you for growth.


The platform can be later enhanced with new modules and features without any limits to support growing business volumes. No need to change software at later stages, you can enter new markets, launch new financial products on the same platform.

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