Borrower Portal

Personal space for your customers
HES LoanBox Borrower Portal
The portal serves as a separate secure environment for registered users. It сontains all the necessary
functionality for digital interaction between borrowers and lenders. The Borrower portal within HES
LoanBox is powered by security tech to prevent any type of unauthorized access.

Fully functional channel

In the Borrower Portal users can apply for loans, monitor the status of their applications, track
active and repaid loans. The portal settings are flexible and can be adjusted according to the
lender’s business model. Top-notch digital interaction with the financial institution adds up to customer experience and significantly reduces operational costs.

Borrower Profile

Store and demonstrate relevant information about the user. Borrowers
update their personal information if needed for a faster loan application process.
Borrower Profile

Activities dashboard

The Borrower portal functionality includes a convenient dashboard that
lists all possible actions for a user in one place.
Activities Dashboard

SMS and email notifications

The Borrower portal functionality includes a convenient dashboard that
lists all possible actions for a user in one place.

Loan calculator

It allows borrowers to preliminary calculate their loan payments. The
calculations automatically consider the interest rates, loan amounts, and loan terms
several loan products and can differentiate offers for existing borrowers and for
Loan Calculator

Intuitive application flow

The system covers the entire loan application process online: from
out the forms all the way to digital KYC service and online document signing. The
borrowers can store incomplete applications to proceed later.

List of loan applications and loans

The portal lists loan applications and loans in a simple, informative,
and user-friendly way. Borrowers can view their loan applications, proceed with them
after an interruption, or cancel applications. Also, users can check their loan
status, repayments, and amortization schedule.

Customer-centered lending

A single portal for all lending operations
Loan application in a few clicks
Seamless and tech-advanced KYC
Lists of applications and active loans on fingertips
Automatic notifications and updates
Higher customer involvement and loyalty

Use Case

The business model of a London-based alternative lending company was focused on customer
experience. The impressive functionality of the Borrower Portal within HES LoanBox was the
key factor in their decision. The application form in total takes a maximum of 3 minutes to complete, including a minute spent on KYC.

After the first three months of use, the lending company mentions substantial growth in the
number of applications and in the customer return rate.

Use Case Borrower Portal
Use Case Borrower Portal

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