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Solution includes
Landing Page
Borrower Portal
Agent Portal
Back Office
White-label commercial loan software
Fraud prevention via user identification
Automated workflows
Smart AI-based scoring system
Elevate collaboration
Flexible integration options

Boost the conversions
with commercial lending solution

commercial loan origination software
small business lending software
Automatic loan granting decision.
The speed of deciding on issuing a loan is one of the most
important things for a business borrower. HES commercial lending software allows you to automate all
steps of this process.

E-signature for commercial lending solutions

Implementing hi-tech commercial loan servicing software grows business
effectiveness, reduces the paperwork and the need in physical visits to your office. It
comes with a built-in e-signature tool and monitors the security of the process.
sme lending software approves loan

KYB & AML for commercial lending software

Protect your business from fraud by double-checking the organizations
and verifying their documents. With commercial loan origination system, you can make sure
they are not related to AML or PEP and are
not on the sanction list.
Agent Portal

Manage yours
partners network

Agent dashboard
Here, agents can efficiently invite colleagues using their email addresses, ensuring a streamlined
onboarding process. Also, they have immediate access to the contact details of potential leads,
positioning them to extend precise and tailored offers.

Personalized offer dispatch
Sending offers to leads has never been easier. Agents just select the loan product and specify the
amount, and the offer is dispatched. Leads then receive this offer in their inbox, which directs them
straight to the Borrower Portal, packed with all the loan details they need.
Back Office

Powerful commercial loan
software features

commercial loan servicing software

Payment automation
HES SME lending software can be integrated with any bank or payment provider,
allowing you to automate all the payment processes. Disburse, place debit orders, and accept payments
without any additional steps.
The configurable workflows

Back Office

Commercial loan
software for lenders

small business loan system

Commercial loan servicing software

HES small business lending software gives you complete freedom over loan
calculations. Depending on your business needs, they can include any type of fee, have various rates and
terms, etc.

Smart commercial loan solutions

Task management
The commercial lending platform can come with a built-in task management
module that helps you allocate tasks among employees and monitor their performance.
KYB for commercial loan origination software
Task management
The commercial lending platform can come with a built-in task management
module that helps you allocate tasks among employees and monitor their performance.
commercial lending software features
User roles
Minimize risks of human mistakes and data breaches by implementing
different user roles with limited permissions to different parts of the interface.
commercial loan software dashboard
HES commercial lending software solutions supports multiple BI
integrations and helps you create informative reports and charts.
Technology architecture overview


HES commercial loan underwriting software is developed with the help of 20+ modules
that cover lending management processes end-to-end and can be mixed, combined, and
configured according to your needs.
aws aws
Cloud provider

Powerful tools
with online and
offline access

The commercial loan origination system can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud
of any provider. It is
built using free and open-source solutions, like Java 17, PostgreSQL, and Spring
This helps us avoid additional license fees, except for the platform’s source code.
Java LTS stack

The highest level
of security

HES is ISO 27001 certified and uses SDLC to address security measures. This allows
us to release commercial lending technology fully compatible with local and
international data security

commercial lending platform


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