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Offer small businesses a hassle-free application process with a turn-around time in approvals of 4 hours. Front-to-back automation. Limitless customization.
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Leverage modern technology to gain loan management efficiency — originate and close loans faster.

With the HES platform, banks and fintechs no longer have to rely on siloed systems that increase prolonged turnaround time and drive operating costs. HES business lending software ensures reliable automation of commercial loan origination and servicing, credit scoring and pricing, and loan portfolio management.


Streamline loan processing and reduce time to approval. Get a hassle-free application process with time to “yes” in 4 hours.

The HES platform shortens business onboarding and eliminates errors. Simplify and automate end-to-end workflows to ensure that various steps of the loan origination process run smoothly.

Calculation Engine

Perform calculations for interest accruals, loan types and payment protection plans, and keep your business compliant with loan operation regulations.

  • — Dozens of ready calculations
  • — 2 weeks to add a new calculation logic
  • — 5 minutes to add a new calculation product
  • — Bank-level calculation engine


Thoroughly evaluate the financial standing of potential borrowers. Assess collateral quality, loan-to-value coverage, loan servicing cost, cash turnover, current loans, data on company managers and directors, and other business performance metrics. Have your in-house decision tree implemented or leverage proprietary scoring models and credit bureau ratings.

Documents First

Generate business-ready agreements, offers, notes, instructions and other relevant loan documents with a few mouse clicks. Attach scans and photos to the package directly from the scanner or camera. Set effective dates, sign documents electronically, and distribute copies to all signees automatically. Instantly access and manage all stored documents and templates.

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Commercial Loan Software

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The CRM Module
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SME Lending Software by HES

On average our customers have experienced
months time to market
reduction in operating costs
boost loan portfolio return
reduction in time to “yes”
Why Commercial Lending Software Solutions by HES Fintech

Time to Market

Launch a new lending platform or replace your legacy system in just 3-4 months. Get a modern tech solution that is fully compliant with your business lending requirements and needs.


Microservice and component-based architecture enables continuous upgrades and cloud scalability. The platform offers unlimited flexibility and customization options.


Leverage integrations with best-of-breed providers. HES Fintech connects key services with the platform creating the optimal work environment.


Protect your lending business from modern digital threats with the highest levels of security. The technology stack components are regularly updated to maintain the most current and most secure versions.

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