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Disburse funds deducting the fee
Score applications with Illion
Collect payments with SquarePay
Onboard clients online
Track your business performance
An Open API, cloud-native solution designed to efficiently manage and cater to your loan
programs. Initiate customized consumer and business lending campaigns, spanning from installment
plans to lines of credit, all within a unified platform.
Our comprehensive loan management software is purpose-built for alternative lenders, brokers,
and SME financial institutions.
Online lending platform

Loan origination software
for Australian lenders

Active loan
lending system by hes fintech
micro loan origination software
microlending software borrower portal
Online loan origination software
The web-based lending platform engages clients by simplifying the application process. Users
apply for loans online without in-person visits. A smooth borrowing journey enables applicants
to start on one device and continue on another.

Know Your Customer
Utilizing a KYC plugin and biometric authentication, HES LoanBox swiftly identifies
borrowers and completes the verification process in just 30 seconds. This approach not only
ensures top-tier security but also expedites the underwriting procedures for your business.
Your branded mobile app
Empower your clients to have control over their active loans and new applications with a
powerful mobile app. Introduce your SaaS lending platform on App Store and Google Play,
captivating customers and encouraging them to conveniently monitor payment schedules through
the app.

Active loan

Reduce NPLs and raise customer satisfaction. Clients can use web platform to track their

application statuses, update personal details, request new loans, and make payments online.

Notify customers about outstanding debts, payment schedules, and required actions.
consumer lending software borrower portal
Back Office

Loan management software
for lending automation

Loan management
consumer loan servicing software
consumer loan management software
consumer loan software credit scoring
Enhance credit approval capacity and team productivity with loan management software.
Efficiently track active and closed assets, monitor transactions, and enable seamless automation
for schedules, contracts, and collateral documents, minimizing errors.
POS software notifications

Automated collections
AI debt collection tool analyses your accounts receivable, highlighting the debts with a higher
of repayment. Get tailored collection strategies and improve
your DSO rate.
point of sale system notifications
Automated collections
AI debt collection tool analyses your accounts receivable, highlighting the debts with a
higher likelihood of repayment. Get tailored collection strategies and improve your DSO

Loans configuration
Effortlessly generate new loan products with a few clicks. Set terms, limits, and rates
seamlessly. Simplify customization and streamline the process.
client's profile in consumer loan origination system
Credit scoring
AI application scoring automates preapprovals using historical loan data, estimating NPL
risk swiftly. Improved accuracy through alternative sources. Customize cutoffs and weights
as needed.
Custom workflows. Effortlessly map out and implement workflows across the entire
system using visual
tools. HES LoanBox supports multiple workflows, ensuring
operational freedom and flexibility.

Tailor your lending workflow

Australian lending
market expertise

Our team of BAs has a decade of diverse financial
specializing in the Australian
market and compliance nuances.
Why choose HES LoanBox
Kickstart online lending
Clean and easy interface
Same system, different modules
Customer support
Future-proof architecture

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Benefit from local integrations

Australia’s leading consumer and commercial credit bureau, providing data registries
and Open Data solutions for bank statement retrieval and categorisation along with
risk management and credit report checks.
Open banking

Australian payment gateway provider for secure online transactions. SquarePay API
seamlessly automates payments, online billing, and borrower notifications, allowing
lenders to conduct and track transactions on the go.
Payment processing

Plaid is a global data network and payments platform, which provides lenders with
instant bank payments, real-time account balance verification, clients
identification, transaction history tracking, and retrieving user’s IBAN and BICs.
Open banking

Jumio KYX Platform is a global eKYC and AML solution, which provides lenders with
AI-driven services that verify the identities of new and existing users, assess risk
and help you meet compliance mandates.

Google Maps Platform’s Address Validation helps with address corrections or
suggestions to improve borrowers’ personal details accuracy and reduce human errors.
Address verification

Harness robust communication APIs to kickstart solutions for SMS and WhatsApp
messaging, voice and video calls, and emailing. Engage with customers through their
preferred channels to boost repayment rates.

Leverage SendGrid, the world’s largest cloud-based email delivery platform, for
seamless delivery of your transactional and marketing emails. Robust and secure
solution to automate your communication with borrowers.
Fully digital lending software. HES Fintech has been transforming financial business demands into
helpful features in Australia since 2012. Take advantage of automated loan management in a
one-for-all solution.

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Launch your platform in 3 months with expert guidance. Embrace flexibility with solutions custom-fit to your business workflow
Starting from $75,000
Unlimited custom features
API for flexible workflow management
Tailored calculation logic
Advanced security, user and role management
Extensive range of local integrations
Lending product engine
Disbursements and repayments automation
Portals for agents, brokers, and merchants
Automated debt collection


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