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Counterparty identification
All users of the P2P online lending platform pass KYC or KYB verification. This allows you
to protect partners and clients and minimize risks.
and reporting
Keep an eye on your business performance by tracking the history of all
deals, income, and expenses in peer-to-peer lending software.
Payment processing automatization
Smart system of electronic wallets provides users with seamless and
transparent online payments.
Digital onboarding

Connect borrowers & investors

p2p digital wallet software

Make transactions safer by implementing e-wallets for both counterparties.
HES P2P lending software keeps track of all wallet balances, freezes bid amounts in lender
wallets, and transfers money to borrower wallets once the project is fully funded. The interest
revenue of each investor accumulates in their wallet and can be reinvested.

Registration and security
With HES peer-to-peer lending platform software, you can build a fully customized
registration process for both borrowers and lenders.
peer to peer lending platform software
Level up the P2P loan software security and comply with AML laws by
integrating it with KYC. Verify users’ identity within seconds and keep all the parties of
the P2P loan.
Loan origination

Peer-to-peer marketplace
software for investors

Investment opportunities
peer to peer lending software platform
peer to peer loan software
peer to peer finance software

Configurable workflow

Peer-to-peer loan servicing software

Track your lending
business success

peer to peer loan management software for investors
p2p loan servicing software
peer to peer loan management software

Benefit from backend functionality

KYB for peer to peer lending software
Task management
Peer-to-peer marketplace lending software allows you to keep an eye on what’s going
on, assign tasks to your employees and track their progress.
p2p loan application scoring software
Task management
Peer-to-peer marketplace lending software allows you to keep an eye on what’s going
on, assign tasks to your employees and track their progress.

Flexible product engine
HES P2P finance software comes with a powerful product engine. Using it,
you can create new loan products with flexible terms and conditions.
p2p online lending platform features

Manage disbursements and payments between borrowers and investors. Get
all the operations with detailed information from users and payment providers in one place.
Loan management

Promote your peer-to-peer
lending marketplace

p2p lending platform interface

Newsletters and discounts
Send informative newsletters to borrowers and lenders. P2P lending
software can be integrated with email distribution services. To make special offers to the
clients, you can add built-in tools for discounts to the software.
p2p lending platform system for investors
Attracting investors
Attract and retain investors by creating advertising campaigns. Track
CPC, CPA, and other result measurements in your back office.
API for your website.
Map up your day-to-day processes with HES BPM-powered consumer installment loan
software. Whether you are a bank, credit union, alternative lender, or financial company, we can
help you automate repetitive tasks, manage lending processes, and increase efficiency
Technology architecture overview


HES peer-to-peer loan software is developed with the help of prebuilt components
combined into 20+ modules that cover lending management processes end-to-end,
including customer onboarding, KYC, credit scoring, product engine, document
management, and more.
aws aws
Cloud provider

Powerful solution
with online and
offline access

The platform is built using free and open-source solutions, like Java 17,
PostgreSQL, and Spring Boot, and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud of any
chosen provider. This approach helps us avoid additional fees, except for the
platform’s source code.
Java LTS stack

The highest
level of security

HES is ISO 27001 certified and uses SDLC to address security measures. This allows
us to release solutions fully compatible with local and international data security

Peer-to-peer loan servicing software comes in all shapes and sizes. Dive into the success stories of
our customers to see how they have already transformed their business and come back for yours.
HES FinTech has been working in the fintech industry since 2012 and has successfully released 160+ projects for clients from 30+ countries worldwide.
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