Loan Management Software in the UK

Start a new line of business in the UK with tailor-made loan management software. End-to-end automation and AI scoring.
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Time to market
Time to market: 3-4 months
Expertise in the United Kingdom
Expertise in the UK and Europe
115 projects in 25 countries
Loan Origination Software

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Loan Origination
Loan Origination
Loan Servicing Software

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Loan Servicing
Loan Servicing
Lending Software Development

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Lending Software Development
Lending Software Development

Loan Software for Banks and Alternative Lenders in the UK

Lending software by HES FinTech covers end-to-end functionality, from origination to servicing and collections. We build platforms on the basis of the HES Core™ Lending Engine, meaning you get a system fully compliant with your business and legal requirements.
Modular architecture. A Java tech stack. AI credit scoring.
Traditional and Digital-Only Banks
Consumer and Commercial Lenders
Brokerage and Leasing Companies
P2P/POS Lenders and Marketplaces
Microfinance and PDL Lenders
Credit Unions
Under the hood

Lending Software: HES Core™ with 20+ Modules

Origination Module
Automate customer onboarding and account opening across multiple channels. Run a feature-rich customer portal and personal area.
KYC and Credit Scoring
Automate KYC/AML and ID checks. Have your in-house decision-making process, utilize AI capabilities, or integrate with the 3rd party providers.
Product Engine
Launch numerous unique product types and comply with the legislation changes. Configuration of the product, including
repayment period, rates, penalties.
Document Management
Automate document management, generate invoices and repayment receipts, bring in e-signatures.
Debt Collection
Set and deploy a collection strategy. Automatically manage overdue loans (check status, notify, etc). Generate notifications and letters.
Security Settings
Configure levels of access. Assign permissions to users, set up authorization to access the system, leverage the password policy.
Statistics and Reporting
Take advantage of the data visualization tools. Customize performance and service dashboards. Configure new reports or modify existing ones.
100+ Integrations
Integrated with existing software as well as external parties like credit bureaus, AML or KYC, payment systems, BI solutions, accounting systems, and more.

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