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Commercial lending sector growth
Data-driven decision making
Increasing demand for customer support
Digitization of processes
Launch or enhance your lending business with HES LoanBox. Our solution, tailored for ease and
efficiency, empowers lenders to rapidly adjust to market demands and offer streamlined lending
solutions. HES LoanBox ensures you’re well-equipped to navigate the dynamic lending landscape
Online lending platform

Loan origination software
for lending
business in the UK

Active loan
Online loan origination software
Experience a streamlined, efficient application journey, enhancing both lender and borrower
satisfaction. Our software redefines the lending experience, offering a strategic advantage in every

Know Your Customer
HES LoanBox not only ensures top-tier security for your lending operations but also
accelerates underwriting procedures, enabling your business to operate more efficiently and
securely. The streamlined process completes verification in just 30 seconds.
Your branded mobile app
Empower your clients to have control over their active loans and new applications with a
powerful mobile app. Introduce your SaaS lending platform on App Store and Google Play,
captivating customers and encouraging them to conveniently monitor payment schedules through
the app.

Active loan

Reduce NPLs and raise customer satisfaction. Clients can use web platform to track their

application statuses, update personal details, request new loans, and make payments online.

Notify customers about outstanding debts, payment schedules, and required actions.
consumer lending software borrower portal
Back Office

Loan management software
for lending

Loan management
Agent portal
Enhance credit approval capacity and team productivity with loan management software.
Efficiently track active and closed assets, monitor transactions, and enable seamless automation
for schedules, contracts, and collateral documents, minimizing errors.
Automated collections
The AI debt collection tool analyses your accounts receivable and pinpoints debts more
likely to be repaid. Access bespoke collection strategies to enhance your DSO rate and boost
revenue recovery.
Agent portal
Get email invitations for users, bank detail input, an agent dashboard to review
applications and loans, lead management with custom offer distribution, and a user-friendly
interface for effortless navigation, all in one place.

Product engine
Create new loan products with just a few clicks. Effortlessly define terms, limits, and
rates to suit your needs. Streamline the customisation process for efficiency in the UK
lending market.
AI credit scoring
Enhance your credit evaluation process with AI and ML-powered algorithms, designed to reduce
manual work and increase the accuracy of predictions, resulting in a low-risk experience.
Custom workflows. Effortlessly map out and implement workflows across the entire
system using visual
tools. HES LoanBox supports multiple workflows, ensuring
operational freedom and flexibility.

Tailor your lending workflow

Lending operations engine

Loan servicing software for
lenders in the UK

Streamline every aspect of loan management, from origination to repayment, with maximum
efficiency and total compliance with UK lending regulation requirements.
HES LoanBox makes lending simpler and more effective for all parties involved

Basic operations
HES LoanBox is designed to cater the diverse needs of modern lending operations and provides
lenders with detailed information on all aspects of loans, transaction histories, and
dynamic amortization schedules.
Payment holidays
HES LoanBox streamlines the implementation of payment holidays and the suspension of penalty
charges, providing flexibility to meet your customers’ requirements.
Day-to-day calculations
Borrowers can view and cancel their loan applications, monitor their loan status, and keep
track of repayment details and amortization schedules. Employees can oversee and manage
these processes discreetly in the background.
Automated credit disbursement
HES LoanBox supports direct debit transactions, integrates smoothly with various payment
providers and ensures a seamless financial experience for both lenders and borrowers.

and analytics

Data-driven insights
Rely on data, not conjecture, for your decision-making. Our comprehensive reports offer a broad
spectrum of metrics essential to any lending business. Analyse data across various reporting
periods, discover real-time insights, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

and analytics

Data-driven insights
Rely on data, not conjecture, for your decision-making. Our comprehensive reports offer a broad
spectrum of metrics essential to any lending business. Analyse data across various reporting
periods, discover real-time insights, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Expertise in UK
lending practices

Our team of BAs has a decade of diverse financial
with a focus on the UK
lending sector
and its unique compliance requirements
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Benefit from local integrations

Google Maps Platform’s Address Validation helps with address corrections or
suggestions to improve borrowers’ personal details accuracy and reduce human errors.
Address verification

Ondato simplifies KYC compliance processes by offering identity verification and
business onboarding, client lifecycle & user-based management

Jumio’s identity verification, eKYC & AML solutions fight fraud and other financial
crimes, maintain compliance and onboard good customers faster

Create, approve, track, eSign documents faster with PandaDoc. Get business docs
signed quickly and securely with the electronic signature API

Transform financial data into actionable insights and foster innovative fintech
solutions with a world-leading data network
Open banking

SendGrid delivers your transactional and marketing emails through the world`s
largest cloud-based email delivery platform
Email Delivery

Powerful communication APIs to start building solutions for SMS and WhatsApp
messaging, voice, video, and email. Connect with customers on their preferred
From start-ups to established businesses, our clients have leveraged the power of our intuitive,
flexible lending software to drive growth and efficiency

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Launch your platform in 3 months with expert guidance. Embrace flexibility with solutions custom-fit to your business workflow
Starting from $75,000
Unlimited custom features
API for flexible workflow management
Tailored calculation logic
Advanced security, user and role management
Extensive range of local integrations
Lending product engine
Disbursements and repayments automation
Portals for agents, brokers, and merchants
Automated debt collection

One-stop-shop tool for
lending in the United Kingdom


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