Flexible loan
configuration engine

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It empowers you to swiftly launch and adapt new credit products

with automated calculations in just a few clicks

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Unique credit products
Preconfigured loans
Custom calculation logic

Adjust preconfigured
loan types

Streamline your loan product configuration by setting foundational parameters for products
using the same calculation method. Tailor the application processing algorithm to these
specific loan types, optimizing efficiency and accelerating your processing timeline.

Create unique
loan products

Diversify your offerings within a single lending campaign by introducing distinct loan products.
Each will maintain a consistent calculation method, ensuring reliability while providing the
flexibility to adjust loan amounts, repayment schedules, and interest rates. Tailor personalized
loan options to meet the specific needs and financial capabilities of individual borrowers,
enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Apply loan fees
Fine-tune commissions and service fees for each loan product individually. Specify penalty
amounts to be automatically applied in the event of delays or contractual breaches. Simplify
the process of collecting additional payments with just a few clicks.

Grace period and payment holidays
Establish grace periods featuring lowered interest rates, providing borrowers with temporary
relief. Set payment holidays to assist clients facing challenges with timely repayments.
Foster borrower loyalty and minimize default rates, increasing borrower satisfaction.

Set fully custom
lending campaigns

Tailor your credit campaigns with complete customization, assigning each one its unique
calculation method. Under a single calculation method, you can create multiple campaigns with
varying settings. Easily incorporate the desired credit contract template, payment frequency,
and loan terms across the entire campaign using our loan amortization software engine.

When setting up a credit campaign, you can configure preliminary terms, currency, loan
amount, and interest rates. Subsequently, when creating a loan product, you have the
flexibility to adjust these values independently for each specific credit product.

Loan approval automation
Customize your credit decisioning type at the credit campaign level: choose fully automatic
for instant approvals, semi-automatic for an assessment of repayment probability, or full
manual underwriting for complete control over application approvals.

3 loan calculation types
By default, the system includes three pre-built calculation methods: payday, annuity
installment plan, and linear amortization. Upon your request, HES engineers can seamlessly
integrate any custom loan calculation methods you require into the system.

Custom agreements
Specify the necessary supporting documents and conditions that align with your lending
policies. Implement automatic verification of agreement terms to ensure compliance and
accuracy with minimal effort.

Custom application form
Decide what information to request from borrowers by adding, modifying, or creating special
fields, and specify any supporting documents required. Establish automatic field validation
conditions with just a few clicks — no coding skills necessary.

Debt collection
Segment debtors based on their payment behavior and create tailored communication plans and
repayment schedules that increase the likelihood of repayment. Leverage detailed analytics
and reporting to monitor collection efforts and adjust strategies in real-time.