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User-friendly and engaging

Increase your financial market presence by offering your clients an online digital onboarding
platform. Fully customizable white-label loan website boosts the number of applications, simplifies the
approval process and grants superb user experience.
HES LoanBox solution

digital onboarding solution

Lower the abandonment rates by enabling your clients with a possibility to access the finance
page from
multiple channels. Starting to fill the application on a smartphone, they can proceed

later with a
different device.

White-label design

Customize the onboarding platform to reflect your business identity. HES LoanBox
offers digital client onboarding software for financial services. Integrate UI/UX design with your unique
brand appearance to enhance user engagement.

Boost your

Bring more traction to your customer acquisition performance. Landing platform
allows you to increase the number of loan applications and turn them into active

Comprehensive loan request forms and automated data input are designed utilizing the
top-notch technical stack, which provides an advanced security and smooth digital
onboarding experience.

boost in staff
HES FinTech is trusted by 130+ businesses worldwide. Leveraging our expertise in customer onboarding automation, we’ve developed a digital onboarding solution that enhances loan processing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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