Digital Onboarding

Onboarding clients within the lending industry is challenging, as it needs to combine
guided customer experience without compromising on security and compliance.
HES LoanBox Digital Onboarding

Effective and tech-advanced

HES LoanBox frontend is an intuitive landing page with configurable forms and a loan calculator. It provides borrowers with basic loan information and involves them in the loan application process.
Well-thought-out customer onboarding in lending helps to manage conversions, improve operational
efficiencies, grow customer satisfaction.

Landing Page

HES offers a dynamic online channel with a custom-designed UI/UX to increase the
of loan applications. Lenders get a user-friendly branded webpage that helps to re-think
the entire onboarding process. The page layout is adaptive and convenient for both
desktop and mobile users.

Omnichannel approach

Borrowers can fill out forms on the desktop, upload images from their mobile
and proceed with the desktop again. LoanBox can also save partially completed forms,
so users can return to the loan application process later. The system sends
via SMS and email.
Omnichannel Approach

Application flow

The LoanBox solution helps to create a flexible application flow by implementing
ready-to-use sets of forms. HES system analysts will quickly set up the user journey
step-by-step, according to the lender’s business processes.
Application flow


The solution supports tech-empowered identity verification that complies with KYC
regulations. The process is completely digital and takes just 30 seconds. It helps to increase conversion without compromising security.

Transform customer onboarding with HES

Customizable online channel for instant customer acquisition
Flexible application flow
Efficient UI/UX based on multi-year experience in lending automation
100% paperless process with online document signing
Convenient loan calculator right on the landing page
Data security and protection from unauthorized access

Use Case

A lending business operating in three European countries selected HES LoanBox to enter the
market with online consumer lending. The company was searching for a powerful solution with
digital onboarding that can automate consumer lending and business operations.

The platform was launched in 3 weeks. It helped to speed up the customer base growth by 27%
in 2 months.

HES LoanBox Use Case
HES LoanBox Use Case

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