PayDay Loan Software

Automate short-term consumer lending processes. Enter a new market or update your current operations with payday or installment lending software within 3-4 months. Trusted by dozens of MFIs and PDL lenders worldwide.
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Loan Management


Automate onboarding and loan origination workflows. HES payday loan software makes management easier by improving customer onboarding, streamlining back-office operations, and maximizing portfolio performance.

  • — Provide a seamless application process with your country and market specifics, valuable integrations
  • — Reduce paperwork: no double-keying and manual hand-offs
  • — Automate customer due-diligence


Monitor and minimize credit scoring risks associated with lending. Automatically manage loan approval by applying proprietary business logic to reduce risks while increasing control.

  • — Connect to an in-house decision engine
  • — Use your own decision rules inside of the HES system
  • — Integrate with credit agencies and other data sources (KYC, AML, open-banking, DB, etc.)
  • — Leverage an AI-driven credit scoring platform by HES Fintech

Loan Management

Bring embedded and automated workflow management. Get an end-to-end system that covers the full loan lifecycle management. Calculations, document management, loans and portfolio management, financial reporting and statistics, servicing — all work together on a single platform

  • — Get a complete overview of loan accounts in the CRM
  • — Create dynamic configurations of unique business rules
  • — Work with an unlimited number of financial products and loyalty programs
  • — Eliminate manual processes


Automate processes from a loan disbursement to closure. Get a robust engine for greater workflow-driven efficiency.

  • — Simulate payment schedule with loan amounts and terms
  • — Configure the main loan parameters
  • — Generate various payment schedules
  • — Define preferable payment hierarchy


Automate collection workflows (soft collection, reminders, legal documents) and integrate with any collection agency or other method of collection.

  • — Manage overdue loans (check status, notify, etc.)
  • — Generate personalized notifications and letters
  • — Utilize bad debt management (restructuring, litigation, write-offs)
PayDay Loan Software

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Advance PayDay Loan Software

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Online PayDay Lending Software by HES

PayDay loan business software by HES has already been chosen by lenders and financial institutions worldwide for their top-notch modular architecture. We help our clients digitalize their workflow by having all the processes in one place. What businesses have experienced working with HES:
reduction in operating costs
solution flexibility and robustness
increase in efficiency
reduction in time to fund
Technology Architecture Overview

Time to market

Bring your payday lending business to market in 3-4 months. Get an automated, end-to-end PDL system that is fully compliant with industry-wide regulations and meets the most demanding business requirements.

Modular System

On the basis of the HES Core™, we deliver tailor-made lending platforms to financial institutions of all sizes. The platform comprises over 20 prebuilt modules that can be configured and used independently or holistically (as an end-to-end system).


Explore the core

Tech Stack

HES Lending Platform leverages a Java technology stack, including Java 11, Spring 5, and PostgreSQL 11. The system handles BPM-engine, open-source and FOSS technologies, AI/ML algorithms.


HES brings scalability and automation, and helps payday lenders adapt to market trends and introduce new products at a faster pace. No vendor lock-in or penalty for growth. You control everything.

Boost your Payday Business Today

Schedule a demo of HES Fintech’s payday loan management system
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