Intelligent Auto Loan Management Software

A fully customizable auto finance platform for dealerships. AI scoring. Front-to-back automation. Time to market: 3 months.
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Automate loan origination, ensuring a fast application process, credit and risk scoring, document management and, finally, top it up with a quick disbursal and loan life-cycle calculation.

  • — Omnichannel onboarding. Application flow and private account
  • — Automatic and paperless work with documents
  • — Customer due diligence
  • — Fast processes and ability to approve in minutes
  • — DMN approach to decision-making


Traditional loan origination process involves a lot of paperwork and manual credit scoring. HES Fintech’s decision-making module allows lenders to assess individual default risk automatically and in a matter of minutes.

  • — Leverage AI and machine learning in auto financing
  • — Streamline KYC/AML and ID checks
  • — Have your own scoring algorithm implemented
  • — Integrate with any 3rd party scoring providers


HES offers a complete auto loan servicing system that automates processes from loan disbursement to its closure. The platform is fully configurable so you can quickly bring new products to market or update existing offerings.

  • — Create loan products of any type
  • — Reschedule loans. Change the loan structure and term
  • — Generate payout transactions and register incoming payments automatically via APIs
  • — Simulate payment schedule with loan amounts and terms


Take actions on delinquent accounts. Track and automate the collection process.

  • — Utilize a bucket approach to your collection processes
  • — Customize notice letters and notifications. Set trigger events
  • — Keep a registry of collection agencies and debts sold
  • — Automate collection processes with PBX systems


Everything is about data. In order to support business processes, car lenders need to fetch data. HES Fintech provides auto dealers with third party integration services, from KYC providers to collateral registries.

  • — Credit bureaus
  • — Liveness check apps. KYC/AML and scoring providers
  • — Payment and notification providers
  • — Accounting systems
  • — BI solutions
Auto Loan Software

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Auto Finance Software

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Auto Financing Solution by HES Fintech

On average our customers have experienced
reduction in operating costs
solution flexibility and robustness
reduction in time to fund
increase in efficiency
Technology Architecture Overview

Scalable Architecture

Auto loan software by HES Fintech is not a “one-size-fit-all” solution. The platform has a feature-rich HES Core™ with 20+ prebuilt modules that can be customized to your business needs and legal environment. Use modules independently or collectively as an end-to-end platform.

Time to market

The platform by HES Fintech reduces the cost of development and increases speed to market with pre-built modules. Build your lending platform around the HES Core™, not from scratch, and launch a system in 3-4 months.


Explore the core

Security and Compliance

HES Lending Platform addresses security measures through the SDLC and meets the security needs of financial institutions. The solution is built on reliable and leading technologies, which adhere to enterprise-level security standards. PSD2 and GDPR compliant.

Low TCO. Fast ROI

There are no license fees for any proprietary technologies or per-user charges, restrictions on the loan type and parameters. Without vendor lock-in, you control everything. Purchase the source code and further enhance the platform if necessary.

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