ATM Online
Consumer Lending

ATM Online

An online lending platform that offers instant loans in Vietnam
The client needed a flexible lending solution to take their business online. Following a requirement analysis, the team of HES FinTech created a full-circle loan platform that fully automates the microfinance lending process and provides integrations with third-party payment systems.
The outcome of the project is a robust loan management platform that allows borrowers to register and apply for a loan via mobile phone, access their application/loan data, and receive money on a bank account within 5 minutes. The solution processes borrowers’ loan applications from the initial step until the full reimbursement.
The solution by HES FinTech helped the client to scale up and offer loans to an increasing customer database. Now, ATM Online is one of the leading consumer lending companies in Vietnam, known for its low interest rates and fast application processing time.
ATM Online Interface

Based on the HES Credit Scoring Module, the platform analyzes thousands of data points from social media public data and 3rd party suppliers’ data to forecast the repayment behavior of borrowers. The back-office functionality covers the application processing flow with custom calculations and contains a customized decision-making system. The system stores and manages all the relevant data within a process of loan origination, from the initial request to the automation of the verification process.