Merchant Cash Advance Software for Intelligent Funding

Streamline and automate processes with white-label configurable software. Provide funding in as fast as 1 business day. Cash lending software endorsed by the leading SME lenders worldwide.
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Loan Management
Payment Plan Feature


Offer a seamless borrower experience from anywhere. Provide customers with a 5-minute online application. Introduce a unique onboarding process or integrate a current one into your new lending system built by HES.

  • — Cut origination costs by up to 75%
  • — Let your customers apply and book a loan on the same day
  • — Reduce your time to “yes” from 24 to 4 hours
  • — Automate due-diligence and document management


The efficiency of modern lending lies in its ability to originate and close loans faster. Optimize time to “yes” and make informed loan decisions in under 2-4 hours. Implement an in-house risk assessment solution or utilize external scoring models:

  • — Your proprietary solution will be automated in the HES system
  • — Integration with credit agencies, other data sources (KYC, AML, DB)
  • — AI-powered credit scoring platform by HES Fintech
  • — Manually review ‘grey zone’ customers or funds that exceed the limit

Loan Management

Quickly move through the process with automated workflow management. Get an integrated system that allows tracking and making adjustments to customers’ accounts. Create an MCA portal that covers a lending business from A to Z and could be integrated into any existing infrastructure.

  • — Create dynamic configurations of unique business rules
  • — Automate mission-critical processes with minimal costs
  • — Align loan products with credit policies and risk assessment rules


The payment processing integration is a crucial step in setting up an MCA business. We offer integrations with any of the existing payment processors: manual, data feed, and split.

  • — Generate payout transactions for banks, register incoming payments
  • — Manage escrow accounts
  • — Set payment delay for a specific period of time or date
  • — Reschedule loans, change its structure and term
  • — Pause penalties accrual/ Payment holidays

Payment Plan Feature

Always have effortless access to both contracted and actual payment schedules. Utilize flexible approaches to your customers, including temporary credit restructuring, zero percent in a crisis or payment holidays:

  • — Early / partial payouts
  • — Renewals
  • — Contracted / amortization schedules
  • — Manual payment registration
Merchant Cash Advance Software

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Cash Advance Loan Software

MCA Management
New MCA Product
Merchant Portal
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MCA Management
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New MCA Product
Merchant Cash Advance Loan Management
Merchant Portal
Merchant Portal

MCA Loan Software by HES Fintech

On average our customers have experienced
reduction in operating costs
solution flexibility and robustness
months time to market
reduction in time to “yes”
Technology Architecture Overview

Time to Market

Start your MCA business in 5-6 months. Get a modern MCA solution that is compliant with industry-wide regulations and meets the most challenging business needs.

Modular System

The HES Core™ modular system is the synonym of flexibility. Either used holistically or as a collection of 20+ ready-made modules to choose from, lenders can easily configure and implement the system the way it offers a seamless experience for both borrowers and corporate employees.


Explore the core

Tech Stack

HES cash loan software wouldn’t be achievable without advanced and efficient technologies. The HES team utilizes a Java technology stack, including Java 11, Spring 5, and PostgreSQL 11.


HES FinTech merchant cash advance software brings along customization options. A highly scalable platform, HES enables automation and helps lenders quicker adapt to new market trends and introduce new products at a faster pace. No vendor lock-in or penalty for growth. Your growth is our priority: we do not charge for new users or managers. Once you buy the software, you’re in full control.

Boost your MCA Business Today with the Right Solution

Let us share our vision on cash advance loan software with you
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