Automated debt collection

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software for debt collection
debt collection software

The ultimate software for debt collection suitable for any lending
or collection business,
from startups to enterprises

Smart collection Launch 1-2 weeks
Custom data-based workflows
AI collection scoring and analytics

Debt collection automation

Keep all borrower
data at your fingertips

debt collection management system

Digital debt collection automates most manual tasks: allows contacting delinquent
borrowers via multiple channels,
creating, managing, and sending documents, and controlling team performance.
The automated debt collection technology allows granting multi-tier rights and permissions to users to make the
more straightforward and protect the system.

Digital debt collection

Automated and easy-to-use

debt collection automation

Debt collection management software boosts operational effectiveness and helps cut costs: no
matter if the collection activities are performed in-house or partially outsourced to collection
agencies. Clear interface, editable templates, and all of the necessary functionality to work
with overdue debts.
invoice management in debt collection software
End-to-end or partial automation
The functionality of HES FinTech debt collection management system covers
debt collection end-to-end or may cover only selected business processes.

The configurable workflows

debt collection system workflow

workflow of debt collection system

Understand your
accounts receivable

dashboards in debt collection software

debt collection scoring software
In-built AI/ML collection scoring
Enhance a debt management platform with GiniMachine decision-making
platform powered by your data and AI. Use it for prioritization and selecting effective
communication channels.
debt collection reporting module
Custom dashboards and reports
Get a full picture of your key business metics anytime by having
comprehensive analytics at hand. No fluff, just necessary data in a readable form with easy
access, import and export.
For any financial institution

Debt collection
software for
small businesses

Out-of-the-box online debt collection module within HES LoanBox provides ready strategies that you
can use with minimum adjustments. Expand your financial business opportunities by utilizing
advanced debt collection software.
software for debt collection agencies

boost in staff
HES FinTech is a leader in developing intelligent software for debt collection that
adhere to high security standards. We provide debt collection software for small business and enterprise-level institutions. GDPR compliance. ISO 27001 certified.

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