Debt Collection Software

Manage the whole debtor history in a single collection management system. Speed the collection of payments up to 80%. Empowered by automation and machine learning.

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Intelligent Collection
Workflow Automation
The Reduction of Manual Tasks
Enhanced Analytics

Intelligent Collection

Cloud-based or on-premise, HES Fintech’s debt collection software brings in efficiency and speed to automate and optimize daily operations. We get you covered in any type of collection activity: pre-collection, sophisticated and flexible soft, hard or legal collection.

  • Fight delinquency while maintaining decent customer service
  • Outline a course of action at every step of the debt recovery process
  • Optimize your communication strategy and collect overdue debts

Workflow Automation

Automate data-based workflows. Use a bucket approach for your collection purposes. Customize notifications and set trigger events. Customize notice letters for legal purposes. Keep a registry of collection agencies and debts sold.

  • Import debt data from various sources, store it in a single format
  • Profit from convenient creation and management of standard documents for managing each debtor (debt notification, statement of claim, application for the issuance of a court order, and installment agreements).

The Reduction of Manual Tasks

Debt collection is a process that requires dozens of clerical actions to repeat over and over again. Reduce the volume of manual tasks by up to 50%.

Easily organize the process of auto-calling of debtors, provide fast follow-ups, and send SMS notifications — all in a single system.

Enhanced Analytics

Explore various options for managing data: view, pull, or submit data, including instant online delivery or batch processing. Have a detailed report on the level and structure of debts with built-in visual analytics. Create your own templates of standard documents for debt collection.

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Debt Collection Software Modules

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ATM Online

Debt Collection System Integrations

Debt-Related Document Management
Manage loan agreements, offers, contracts, notes, and other system documents.
Notification Centre
Send automatic/scheduled emails and SMS to debtors. Anchor notifications to a specific event in a customer’s credit history.
Data Validation
Check and validate all the data entered by a debtor in no time: address, contact details, passport expiration dates, etc.
Statistics and Reporting
Get relevant statistics and leverage visualization tools. Use a predefined set of reports; add or edit customized reports.
HES Core

HES Core™ with 20+ Modules

Explore the core

Debt Collection Software by HES Fintech

On average our customers have experienced
reduction in human error
increase in efficiency
increase in debt recovery
reduction in NPLs

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