Custom loan processing

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Tackle the challenges of slow loan approvals, error-prone decision-making, and escalating operational
costs head-on

Lending workflows include
& application
& collection

Faster development with Camunda
Self-validating processes
Integration with existing systems
Enhanced data security
Stable architecture

Streamline loan processing

Loan approval workflow
Adjust application steps for a fluid, logical progression for both your team and applicants.
Smoothly navigate KYC verification phases for enhanced compliance. Access applicant bank details
via Open Banking and integrate with credit bureau data for in-depth credit history insights.
This feature ensures efficient, informed decision-making, improving both client experience and
operational efficiency.

Optimize credit decisions

Customize decisioning logic
Transform the entire loan process from application to disbursement with automatic verification
and precise auto-scoring criteria. Our software ensures rapid, accurate, and consistent credit
evaluations, reducing approval times and minimizing manual errors.

Standalone debt

Optimize your debt collection
Comply with both your country’s legal requirements and your company’s internal guidelines.
Benefit from seamless integration with collection agencies. Define custom rules for debt
handoff, set policies for late payment fees, and establish criteria for auto-alerts and payment
reminders. Overdue amounts are automatically shifted to deal refinancing, helping lenders offset
losses through adjusted interest rates.

Simplify contract signing

Transform your contract management
Ensure every contract meets your precise needs and benefit from the integration with leading
digital document flow providers and e-signature solutions. Our smart auto-prompt feature quickly
identifies and rectifies incomplete client submissions, ensuring a seamless flow of information.
Transform how you manage contracts with a solution that’s as dynamic as the lending landscape.

Customize loan management

Flexibility for your lending needs
Customize payment holiday criteria for borrowers in financial distress, adjust grace period
terms, and personalize interest rate calculations. HES LoanBox allows for these and other
customizations to be implemented according to your requirements, ensuring a flexible and
responsive lending solution.

Why choose HES LoanBox
Built on the latest technology
Seamless integrations

Customer support

Future-proof architecture

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