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Mortgage Software by HES FinTech

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Solution includes
Landing Page
Borrower Portal
Agent Portal
Back Office
Smart scoring system
Ready mortgage loan software
Fully automated decision-making
White-label design
User-friendly application process
Elevate collaboration
Digital onboarding
Intuitive mortgage lending system
Landing Page
API for your website
Active plugin
Mortgage Loan Software Interface
Mortgage Software Mobile
Mortgage Broker Software
Integrate the Borrower Portal with your website. Allow
your clients to see the available loan products
Mortgage Automation Software

Seamless application flow

Allow your customers the flexibility to apply for a loan through any
channel, using any device — from PC to smartphone — and even switch devices mid-process. The
mortgage LOS software by HES FinTech enables seamless and paperless onboarding.
Digital Mortgage Software

Cross-channel mortgage loan origination software

Let customers use any channel to apply for the loan. Mortgage loan
origination software by HES allows
your clients to fill out the loan request form using one device: from PC to smartphone, and
proceed on another one. Seamless and paperless onboarding with mortgage software build a
competitive advantage for you.
Steps to Customize Application Flow
Customizable application flow
Our system analysts will assist in configuring the HES mortgage loan
servicing software, guiding you through setting up a step-by-step onboarding process.

KYC for mortgage origination software

Software for mortgage loan processing brings safe and secure experience
by implementing
KYC verification. Approve user identity within seconds and protect your business from fraud.
Borrower Portal

loan tracking

Active loan
Application flow
Activities dashboard
loan origination software for mortgage brokers
Mortgage Origination Software System
Mortgage Management Software
Mortgage Software Program User Profile
Functional broker’s space
A fully functional user profile allows your customers to save their
information, update it if needed, and reuse it for new lending requests.

Customer-facing loan calculator
HES mortgage broking software have built-in handy loan calculators.
Potential clients can see how their regular payments depend on different loan terms.
Agent Portal

Manage your 
partner network

Mortgage Software Agent Portal

Agent dashboard
Agents can streamline the onboarding process by inviting
colleagues thought their email addresses. Also, they gain immediate access to the contact details of
potential leads, enabling them to make precise and tailored offers.
Mortgage Loan Software Agent Dashboard
Personalized offer dispatch
Sending offers to leads has never been easier. Agents just
select the loan product and specify the
amount, and the offer is dispatched. Leads then receive this offer in their inbox, which directs them
straight to the Borrower Portal, packed with all the loan details they need.
Back Office

Fully-featured mortgage 
servicing platform

Loan Management
Credit Scoring
Product Engine
Mortgage Processing Software
Mortgage Loan Processing Software
Mortgage Platform Software
Mortgage Lending Software Solution

Complete mortgage software solution

Mortgage Loan Processing Workflow

Automated decision-making

Minimize credit scoring risks and increase control. Assess the financial
standing of borrowers and make more accurate decisions with the underwriting module. HES digital
mortgage software can automatically approve or decline loan applications based on selected

Auto decisioning for mortgage lender software

Minimize credit scoring risks while increasing control. Assess the
standing of borrowers and make more accurate decisions with the underwriting module. HES
mortgage solution can automatically approve or decline loan applications based on chosen

Product engine for mortgage system

Add an unlimited number of new loan products quickly through
configuration of mortgage processing software. Set different calculation types and terms.
Mortgage Lending Platform Features
User role adjustments
Set role-based access for your employee to avoid human mistakes and
increase security. Limit access to the most sensitive data and prevent data breaches.
Tech stack of mortgage servicing software

Flexible mortgage
lending software

HES LoanBox can be deployed to the production environment of any provider, both
on-premises and in the cloud.
Cloud provider

technical stack

HES solutions are built with the help of free and open-source tools like Java,
Camunda, and modeler. This allows us to cut off all the licensing fees
except for the platform’s source code.
Java LTS stack

Extra security

HES is ISO 27001 certified, which means our security and development processes meet
international requirements.

Technology Architecture Overview

Your robust mortgage
lending software


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