Mortgage Lending Software

White label software that supports origination and servicing of mortgage products. AI scoring. Customization-based implementation in 3-4 months.
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Loan Management


HES Lending Platform automates mortgage operations from onboarding and AI assessment, to complex calculations with contracted and actual schedules.

  • — Online onboarding process
  • — Automated entry of applications into the system for data validation and auto-conditioning
  • — Loan pipeline management (work queues, tasking, SLA tracking)
  • — Customer due diligence and document management


Minimize credit scoring risks while increasing control. Assess the financial standing of borrowers and make more accurate underwriting decisions. Perform instant credit checks, verify identity, and filter out the unqualified borrowers.

  • — Integrate with third-party scoring service providers
  • — Implement your own risk assessment algorithms externally
  • — Use your own decision rules inside of the HES system and our inbuilt DMN
  • — Leverage an AI-powered scoring platform by HES Fintech

Loan Management

An end-to-end loan management system that covers the entire loan lifecycle — all the way from loan origination to servicing. Create multiple loan product types (fixed/flex, IO/PI) and limitless border cases.

  • — Get a complete overview of loan accounts in the CRM
  • — Add new or vary products quickly through configuration
  • — Manage offers, contracts, loan agreements, notes, and other system documents
  • — Role-based access settings


Automate workflows from a loan disbursement to its closure. Get a robust engine for greater process-driven efficiency.

  • — Simulate payment schedule with loan amounts and terms
  • — Loan payment calculation and payment date change
  • — Generate various payment schedules
  • — Process a loan discharge


Automate collection workflows (reminders and notifications, soft collection, legal documents) and integrate with any collection agency. Get a configurable collections workflow for arrears management, promise to pay, realization, hardship, complaints, etc.

  • — Manage overdue loans (check status, notify, etc.)
  • — Generate personalized notifications and letters
  • — Utilize bad debt management (restructuring, litigation, write-offs)
Mortgage Lending Software

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Mortgage Software Solution

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Mortgage Application Module
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Mortgage Application Module
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Mortgage Product Management
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KYC & Scoring

Mortgage Lending Software by HES Fintech

On average our customers have experienced
reduction in operating costs
solution flexibility and robustness
increase in efficiency
reduction in time to fund
Technology Architecture Overview

Time to Market

HES Mortgage Software can be configured and implemented in 3-4 months. The solution consists of a number of modules that can be customized according to your business needs and legal requirements. The software supports localization worldwide.

Modular Platform

On the basis of the HES Core™, the HES team delivers bespoke lending systems to financial institutions of all sizes. The Core has over 20 components and modules that can be configured and used independently or holistically.

Tech Stack

All lending platforms by HES Fintech are built utilizing a Java tech stack, including Java 11, Spring 5, and PostgreSQL 11. The system handles Camunda BPM-engine, open-source technologies, AI/ML algorithms.


HES brings flexibility and automation, thus helping mortgage lenders adapt to market trends and introduce new products at a faster pace. No vendor lock-in or penalty for growth.

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