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Stay in touch with your dealers and create smooth communication with
them using advanced leasing administration software.
Automate routine lending processes with leasing tracking software and spend more time focusing on
business development and more challenging tasks.
Attract more leads with the help of a user-friendly digital leasing

Ad-hoc leasing solution

Online onboarding
Landing page
API for your website
finance leasing software frontend
digital leasing software interface

Protect your business from money laundering without losing conversions.
Integration with the KYC provider runs security scans and verifies users’ identities in
customer notifications in leasing platform
Open Banking
Level up your risk management system by connecting your commercial leasing software
solution with open banking. Get more information about your potential clients to get a
deeper understanding of their financial behavior.
notifications of leasing managements software

Electronic signature
Reduce the amount of paperwork and the number of borrower visits to your
office by implementing an electronic signature feature that allows signing most of the
documents electronically while keeping the process secure.

Leasing management system

Create a seamless application flow that leads potential clients
through the leasing process step-by-step. Gather all the necessary information without
losing any conversion with smart leasing administration software.

Offline onboarding

Borrowers can fill out forms and upload images using any convenient device. The leasing system software sends
notifications via SMS/email and can save partially completed forms.
leasing origination software
Back office

Versatile leasing
software solutions

Product Engine
leasing management system back office
leasing system software
leasing applicant verification
product engine of leasing management software

Powerful finance leasing software

borrower portal of leasing platform
Debt collection
Implement any type of debt collection in your vehicle lease management
software, including integrations with external agencies and resale of pledges.
client portal of leasing software
Debt collection
Implement any type of debt collection in your vehicle lease management
software, including integrations with external agencies and resale of pledges.
leasing system features
User roles and models
Decrease the number of human mistakes and prevent potential data
breaches by limiting access to the software interface for different users.
dashboard of leasing system software

Reporting tools for leasing solution

HES leasing management solution can be integrated with various Business Intelligence
software. With its help, you can create informative reports and charts that help you track
business performance better.
Tech stack of leasing software solutions


HES leasing toolkit consists of 20+ configurable modules that cover all
the business processes end-to-end, including customer onboarding, KYC, credit
scoring, product engine, document management, and more.

Online and offline
access to your software

Depending on your needs, mission-critical technology can be deployed to the
production environment of any chosen provider both: on-premises or in the cloud. The
leasing management platform is built with the help of free and open-source solutions, like Java 17,
PostgreSQL, and Spring Core, which allows us to avoid additional license fees, except for
the platform’s source code.


HES is ISO 27001 certified. This means that our information security management
system meets international requirements of confidentiality, integrity, and

Smart software
for leasing business