Superb Lease Management Software

Sophisticated lease management software that automates the entire leasing process — from origination to servicing. Backed by AI scoring and seamless configurability. Get white-label software for leasing in 3-4 months.
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Credit Scoring


The HES all-in-one platform supports all the channels you need and offers a smooth borrower experience from anywhere. Provide customers with an intuitive and fast onboarding process targeted at their superior experience. Introduce a feature-rich customer portal and private account.

  • — Implement a coherent application process
  • — Automate customer due-diligence
  • — Bring in risk assessment backed by AI
  • — Slash the time for “yes” by 70%

Credit Scoring

With faster and more accurate credit decisions, digital lending platforms are changing the face of leasing. Have your own scoring/underwriting algorithm implemented or get integrated with any third-party provider to obtain well-informed credit decisions.

  • — Assess the financial state and leasing data of clients within minutes
  • — Automatically build, validate and deploy AI scoring models
  • — Integrate with credit agencies and data sources (KYC/AML, state and private registers, etc.)


Automate, manage, and track all of the steps from onboarding to servicing. Streamline lease workflows and complex lease scenario management. Manage your lease portfolio and vehicles equipment in a single solution. The software can be easily customized for the needs of real estate, equipment, and asset leasing.

  • — A complete overview of loan accounts in the CRM
  • — Automatic document management and e-signatures
  • — An unlimited number of financial products and loyalty programs


Automate workflows from lease disbursement to closure. Get a flexible calculation engine that is 100% aligned with your business rules and market regulations. No limits and (or) charges for new users and lease products.

  • — Automate mission-critical processes with minimal costs
  • — Add 100% flexibility and freedom to loan servicing
  • — Generate various payment schedules
  • — Enhance your portfolio performance with smart lease operations


Equipment, assets, and vehicle lease management software by HES FinTech can be easily integrated with any 3rd-party system, such as credit bureaus, KYC/AML, credit scoring and underwriting systems, payment and notification providers, accounting, and BI solutions.

  • — 100+ integrations with 3rd party service providers
  • — Limitless integration options
  • — Global best practice, worldwide localization
  • — Bring new financial products to market, quickly and efficiently
Lease Management Software

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Leasing Software Solution

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Leasing Software by HES FinTech

Explore an exceptional level of process automation and ease of use with HES vehicle lease management software. Speed up your processes by 2x to outperform competitors, impress your lease customers, and encourage them to keep coming back for equipment leasing and other services you provide. What else our customers have experienced:
reduction in operating costs
solution flexibility and robustness
months to implement a project
reduction in time to fund
Technology Architecture Overview

Time to Market

The HES team brings a secure and technology-driven approach that moves beyond speed. As an ISO 27001 certified vendor, HES follows the best practices to protect our customers and drive the best-class solutions. Get a system that 100% meets your business needs: modernize your current platform or start a new line of business within 90 days.

Modular Platform

The platform by HES is made of a collection of 20+ prebuilt components that span onboarding, customer due diligence and credit scoring, CRM and lease management, calculations, reporting and statistics, automated notifications, and more. Have all the necessary lease information and functionality at hand for efficient business management.

Tech Stack

With the latest technology stack under the hood, the HES Lease Management Platform brings advanced flexibility and enormous customization options. HES FinTech utilizes a Java technology stack, whereas the architecture is based on open-source technologies with no licensing fees, except for the source code of the platform.


HES Leasing Software is highly configurable and can be customized inside out to meet specific business requirements. Make fewer human errors with software made to suit your business needs, not the reverse. Easily and quickly adapt to market requirements or introduce new products — no vendor lock-in, you control everything.

Ready To Learn More?

Convert more clients and grow average order size by making low-risk credit decisions and perfect-fit lease offers. Book a personal session with an expert to get comprehensive information about HES lease management software.
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