Back Office

The core of your lending business
HES LoanBox Back OfficeHES LoanBox Back Office

Enhance the performance of your team by the outstanding level of automation available in the HES LoanBox
Back Office. It provides measurable savings of employees’ time and operational costs. The in-built
functionality of the back office helps avoid bottlenecks in your business processes and improves

Simple and powerful

The back office functionality covers lending from A to Z: from loan application processing to loan
management. Lenders get comprehensive lists, custom documents, and the history of operations in a single space. The security and efficiency of processes are backed up with user role management. The
intuitive interface provides fast and easy onboarding for the personnel.

Loan application management

End-to-end digital and paperless process of loan application consideration that
supports automatic decision making. It includes verification, scoring,
underwriting, supports a four-eye check, and allows accessing borrowers’ data
and loan history.

Task management dashboard

Comprehensive and intuitive dashboard with lists of tasks assigned to users
according to their roles. The feature increases team effectiveness while all actions
are gathered in one place.
Task Management

Document templates

A convenient space for working with pre-uploaded document templates,
loan agreements, legal notices, notifications, and databases—all documents available
with a single interface.


HES LoanBox supports multiple BI integrations and connects the back
office section to BI tools for creating informative reports and dashboards for a better business performance overview.

Calculation and product engines

The system contains flexible and easy-to-use calculation notation
instead of static code and a powerful product engine. It helps to create new loan
products in a few clicks by setting loan terms, amount limits, or interest rates.

Loans management

Easy access to loan attributes and parameters, related transactions, and dynamic
amortization schedules with repayments, interest accruals, and more. Employees
can manage loans, register repayments and full/partial early repayments, as well
as carry out write-offs in a few clicks.
Loan Management


List of disbursements and payments that contains complete data entered manually or received from a payment provider. Lenders can enable automatic disbursements, direct
debit, and integration with payment providers.

Scoring system

A super flexible scoring system that requires no human involvement. The LoanBox
scoring is based on proprietary decision-making notations and goes all the way from
stop factors to internal and external scoring to aggregated matrix-based result
Scoring System

Automated decision-making

Automatically approve or decline loan applications according to predefined criteria.
A flexible no-code engine with easy adjustments reduces human risks and helps to cut

User roles and models

Advanced role management for the optimum balance of team efficiency and security.
The platform allows granting multi-tier rights and permissions to users to make the
interface more straightforward and protect the system.

Digital lending from front to back

An integrated architecture for the best operational efficiency possible
Covers full loan origination and loan management lifecycle
Security features: from segregation of duties to internal controls
Flexible loan product management with automated calculations
Ultimate automation of disbursements and payments
Friendly interface and fast onboarding of employees

Use Case

A Credit Union from Canada (NDA) implemented LoanBox by HES to undergo digital transformation
and reduce loan management costs. The organization was interested in a cost-effective and
easy-to-launch solution with a powerful backend part that allows a high level of automation,
flexible integrations, and custom scoring.

The fully configured software with dozens of integrations was released in less than a month.
HES customized the scoring system according to the client’s processes and automated

The first results include almost three times faster loan application processing due to automated decision-making, automated document signing, and reduced costs.

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