HES Core

The driving force behind every platform designed by HES Fintech
HES Core
Powered by AI
Powered by AI
and Machine Learning
HES Core is a set of prebuilt components that can be adapted to your business needs. Launch a new line of business or transform your current lending system in just 3-4 months.
HES Core is fully configurable, meaning we build your lending platform around it, not from scratch. Break monolithic architecture into microservices & leverage the benefits of the latest tech stack.

HES Core Modules: Under the Hood

The HES Core™ with 20+ scalable modules for full-cycle loan management, from loan origination to collection
Customer Onboarding
Automate and streamline the entire process. Onboarding in a matter of minutes. Enhanced digital user experience.
Multi-Channel Loan Application
Collect loan applications from multiple channels both online and offline, including web, mobile, call centres and more.
Feature-Rich Personal Account
Borrowers can track active and past loans, extend or roll over loans, monitor payment schedules and more.
CRM Module
Easily handle customer and loan management processes. Manage and track your customers, their loans and payments.
Advanced Roles, User Models
Create your company’s structure (HQ, offices, etc.). Manage roles, define permissions, assign roles to users and audit their activity.
Credit Scoring Module
Build an in-house decision making process or integrate with 3rd party providers.
Calculation | Product Engine
Create a range of loan products. Set up borrower payment schedules and track payments.
Document Management
Manage loan agreements, offers, contracts, notes and other system documents.
Payments and Money Transfer
Send money to customers’ bank accounts, debit cards, electronic wallets, etc. Monitor the results and automatically initiate loan calculations as appropriate.
Online Marketing
Attract and retain borrowers, build brand awareness campaigns, track the results of your lead generation campaigns, including CPC/CPA and partnership networks.
Security Settings and Preferences
Manage user permissions using role-based access control features. Define password policies. Build rules to allow or block access by device ID.
Notification Centre
Send automatic/scheduled emails, SMS to customers. Anchor notifications to a specific event in a customer’s credit history.
Reduce time-consuming processes, which cause delays to the total procedures. Model business processes with the BPMN module.
Data Validation
Check and validate all the data entered by a customer on the fly (address, contact details, passport expiration dates, etc.).
Statistics and Reporting
Get relevant statistics, leverage visualisation tools. Use a predefined set of reports; add, edit customised reports.
Marketplace Features
The borrower-lender matching engine delivers advanced capabilities for automatic loan matchmaking.

API Integration

HES Core gives you the ability to integrate with any third party service provider in the fast-changing lending environment. HES Core can be easily integrated with any financial service provider:
  • Client business environment
  • Credit bureaus
  • Scoring providers, KYC/AML
  • Accounting & BI solutions
  • Payment systems, EFT
  • Core banking software

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