Digital Transformation Consulting for Lenders

Digital economy, automation and emerging technology are changing the lending industry. We provide insights on how banks and fintechs can prepare for and leverage digital transformation.
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Deep domain expertise
115 projects in 26 countries
Types of Lending
All types of lending

Digital Lending Software

HES brings analysts and developers together with your executives and stakeholders to create and scale lending software that can impact your business.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Risk Management

We help clients harness the power of human and machine to cut operating costs by up to 40%. Assess and realize the potential of AI to improve your bottom-line.

Tech Consulting

HES FinTech’s certified business analysts help clients create a software requirements specification (SRS) and launch projects on time and budget.

Integration Consulting

Learn how to effectively integrate with 3rd-party solution and service providers (credit bureaus, KYC/AML, payment providers, accounting systems, etc.).

Market Entry Consulting

We have successfully launched projects in 26 countries worldwide, from Canada to Vietnam. We will help you pinpoint market opportunities and run an MVP in 3 months.

Digital-First Banking and Lending

HES FinTech draws on deep expertise across banking and lending to help financial players reimagine their tech approach, find innovative ways to optimize processes, reduce back-office costs, and quickly adapt to competitive and regulatory landscapes.
No matter how complex your business questions, we can deliver the answers you need to move forward. From the go-to-market consulting to tech infrastructure transformation, we cover it all.
Traditional and Digital-Only Banks
Consumer and Commercial Lenders
Brokerage and Leasing Companies
P2P/POS Lenders and Marketplaces
Microfinance and PDL Lenders
Credit Unions

Why HES FinTech?

Our software outperforms market competitors. We focus on essential actions.
We make sure your investments 100% meet your business objectives.
We share expertise, take a future-back approach and bring value from Day 1.
Since 2012, we have implemented 115 projects using top-of-the-line technology.

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Our Experts
We have the team, expertise, knowledge, and resources to guide you through even the most complex business transformations.
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