Success story from Philippines

A fast-growing microfinance company sets up a new business unit
A large microlending provider in the APAC region required reboosting of their
legacy software for process optimization, faster time-to-decision, and winning a
larger market share due to a top-notch technological solution for end-customers.
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The major reason to choose HES FinTech is
their industry expertise with microlending
automation in various markets. We enjoyed the demo, the
estimates and the mutual work of our
teams. The solution was deployed as expected.
Company’s COO

Lending platform as a competitor advantage

Due to the growing demand for short-terms loans, the customer was looking for an opportunity to
set up a new business unit in the Philippines. There was a need to back up the operational lending
business with a new platform, which could provide higher performance and decrease the amount of
manual operations.

Development with end-user convenience in mind

The proposed solution from HES FinTech includes an end-to-end system
that automates the workflow from loan origination to servicing. The solution allows an
individual to apply for a loan online, the time for approval is reduced to 60 minutes.

2,5 months


60 minutes

for a loan decision


revenue growth
for the first 12 months

Full automation of verification
and underwriting for faster loans

After the deployment of the HES Lending Platform, will be able to automate manual processes
within client’s verification and underwriting workflows. The decision-making will be reduced to
less than 60 minutes. The integration with payment provider allows instant money transfer and no
offline procedures.
The following subsystems were delivered:

  • Loan origination system. Workflow automation for client’s verification and underwriting processes
  • Back-office with the CRM and loan management system
  • Web-based customer facing application (self-service portal).