Task management software
for lending business

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Comprehensive loan management for
applications, oversight and borrower

Seamless integration
The task management module streamlines data flow and loan application tracking in the
and borrower portal
Team orchestration
HES LoanBox not only assists in managing tasks but also optimizes them for seamless
within the entire system
Flexible assignment
Tasks auto-assign based on roles or manager discretion, or with loan officers self-assigning
they finish prior tasks

Task management
for lenders

Task tracking
Once a loan application is submitted through the front-end, it’s directed to the task tracking
module for processing. Here, credit officers review applications, encompassing borrower details and
their credit requests.

tasks assignment

Verifier’s tasks
As a Credit Verifier, specialists focus on tasks related to loan application and borrower
verification. They
evaluate the accuracy of applicants’ financial data, ensuring it aligns with loan criteria. They can
decline, request more details, or preapprove applications for further underwriting.

Loan underwriter’s tasks
They scrutinize borrower data to determine risk. Loan underwriters assess creditworthiness
and collateral value to make informed decisions, including final loan approvals or
Credit officer’s tasks
Credit Officers manage borrower and active loan data. They can set grace periods, write off
loans, track operations, and log offline transactions.

Total control
over lending tasks

Universal users have full access to all tasks. They can assign any task, transfer active loans to
debt collection, initiate collection actions, and record decisions on outstanding debts. This role
allows monitoring of employee performance and provides access to comprehensive back-office

Synchronize your
credit department operations

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