Unified Loan Servicing Software

A tailor-made platform to streamline the loan servicing process. Automated workflow. AI decision-making. The system can be customized and deployed as a white-label servicing solution in 3 months.

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Calculation Engine
Loan Operation

Calculation Engine

From the time the loan is closed until it’s paid off, the HES loan servicing system streamlines the entire business process.

  • Set up calculations for a number of product types
  • Keep your business compliant with loan operation regulations
  • Automate credit disbursement
  • Configure, calculate and track payment schedules
  • Perform day-to-day calculations for accruals, write-offs

Loan Operation

Enhance your portfolio performance with a smart loan operation solution. Add 100% flexibility and freedom to product servicing.

  • Basic operations (initial interest, commissions, and fees accrual)
  • Disbursement and repayment
  • Payment delay (set for a specific period of time or date)
  • Reschedule to change the loan structure and term
  • Top-up to add an additional amount to the existing principal
  • Pause penalties accrual / Payment holidays


At HES, we support customization according to your specific requirements. Set up an accounting process to have relevant accounting data at hand: payment history, tax information, borrower payments and delays, real time statistics.

Perform day-to-day calculations and conforming accounting based on a system scheduler. Supply data to the customer facing applications so that your clients are always aware of their current credit account state.


Whether you need to generate reporting for the management or report to authorities, we can supply you with a tool to design a report based on SQL queries. Create daily and monthly reports, tax reports, investor statistics, customer analysis reports to capture all critical data and review it in a convenient format.

Alternatively, we can do this job for you and set up a predefined number of reports. We also support integrations with any other tool to perform reporting.


Secure your business by implementing an opportunity for borrowers to pledge assets for availing of loans.

Use a bucket-based approach for your collection purposes. Customize your notifications and set trigger events. Customize notice letters for legal purposes. Keep a registry of collection agencies and debts sold.

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Loan Servicing Software Modules

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ATM Online


BI / Reporting Tools
Choose any standalone tool for generating reports. Whether it is Tableau, Zoho Analytics, QlikView, we are ready to incorporate it into our system.
Accounting Systems
HES Platform can be integrated with any accounting system. We can perform integration and fetch information for internal purposes, like scoring and SME assessment.
Collateral Registry / PBX Systems
Link collateral information from private sources for your securitized credits. Use online PBX for auto dialing, voice messages, record calls with your clients.
Your Business Environment
You might need just a separate part of the loan management system — we can deliver a particular module and integrate it within your business environment.
HES Core

HES Core™ with 20+ Modules

Explore the core

Loan Servicing Software by HES Fintech

HES FinTech helps credit unions, lenders, and financial institutions level up their customer service and boost credit portfolio using a single platform. Automate your manual tasks, reduce human mistakes, and improve the performance of your servicing team by 53%. What our customers have experienced:
increase in efficiency
reduction in servicing costs
reduction in operating costs
reduction in processing time

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