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Loan Servicing Software by HES FinTech
Loan Servicing Platform by HES FinTech

HES FinTech loan servicing system that exceeds
your functionality
expectations and provides a fast ROI

Ready-to-launch 1-2 weeks
Flexible level of automation
Paperless and secure
One-roof lending software

Loan servicing
from booking
to closure

Powerful and updated loan servicing platform gives expands the opportunities of your
lending business: optimize labor costs by the adjustable level of automation, manage
departments and employee roles, benefit from fast calculation engine, accounting,
reporting, and collateral management.

Digital loan servicing leads to stunning financial effectiveness, smooth business
operation, and top-notch security levels.

Loan Tracking Software Efficiency
Calculation and product engine

Adjust your loan
servicing solution

Back Office of Loan Servicing Platform

HES FinTech loan servicing covers the full lending lifecycle from disbursements to pay-offs.
You can set up calculations for unlimited number of loan products and ensure your business adheres to regulations regarding loan operations. Rich back-office functionality helps you set up,
calculate, and keep track of payment schedules, accruals, and write-offs.
Automated Payments Processing of Loan Servicing Software
Day-to-day calculations
Borrowers can view and cancel their loan applications, monitor the loan
status, repayments, and amortization schedule. Employees can use lending servicing solution features in the
Automated Disbursements of Loan Tracking System
Automate credit disbursement
HES loan servicing platform supports automatic disbursements and
repayments, direct debit, and integration with payment providers.

Easy integrations
for loan servicing platform

BI / Reporting tools
Choose any standalone tool for generating reports. Whether it is Tableau, Zoho Analytics,
QlikView, we are ready to incorporate it into our system.
Accounting systems
HES system can be integrated with any accounting system. We can perform integration and
fetch information for internal purposes, like scoring and SME assessment.
Collateral registry / PBX systems
Link collateral information from private sources for your securitized credits. Use online
PBX for auto dialing, voice messages, record calls with your clients.
Your business environment
You might need just a separate part of the loan management system — we can deliver a
particular module and integrate it within your business environment.
Lending operations engine

Boosted loan servicing
software performance

Operations Dashboard of Loan Accounting Software
Loan Servicing Platform Scores Credit Application
A smart loan servicing solution adds flexibility and full coverage of
business processes along the loan lifecycle. It takes a few clicks to deal with payment delay
and rescheduling, changing the loan term and structure, or top-ups to add amounts to the
existing principal, etc. Lenders can gate access, or assign user roles and models for higher

Basic operations
Loan servicing automation enables all of the loan attributes and parameters, transactions, and dynamic
amortization schedules with initial interest, fees, and commissions at your fingertips.
Flexible Payment Terms Configuration in LSS
Payment holidays
Flexibility is your competitive advantage powered by HES: the loan
processing system easily allows you to pause penalties accrual and introduce payment

BI for loan servicing software

Track your business growth
Loan Servicing Platform Dashboard

Generate daily and monthly reports, tax reports, investor statistics, and customer analysis reports, and loan tracking system summaries with the servicing toolkit to gather all essential information and present it in an easily accessible format.
We also support integrations with any other tool to perform reporting.
HES FinTech is a leader in developing enterprise-level and small business loan servicing software that adhere to enterprise-level security standards. GDPR compliance. ISO 27001 certified.
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How does your software handle loan payments and collections?
Can your software handle loan modifications and refinancing?
Does your software integrate with third-party systems like accounting or credit bureaus?
Is your loan servicing software scalable to accommodate growing loan portfolios?