Ta Meri Finance Case Study
Consumer Lending

Ta Meri Finance

A full-featured platform for automating car financing
Ta Meri Finance approached the team of HES FinTech with a unique business idea of providing financing for purchasing luxury cars — the first of its kind in Cyprus. To launch the platform, the client needed a robust lending solution with rich functionality. The defining strategic objective of the project was the maximum automation of the lending process.
Within two months, the specialists of HES FinTech implemented the LLC platform with the core logic and streamlined business processes. The platform based on the HES Core™ provides the functionality of borrowers’ acquisition, decision making, product engine with multiple features such as the calculation of monthly installments, insurance, document management, CRM, reporting and more.
The outcome of the project is a comprehensive and personalized car leasing platform that offers full specter of support at all stages of purchasing and financing a car. The successful launch of the LLC platform allowed Ta Meri Finance to take a solid position on the market in the short term. Now the client plans to enter car leasing markets outside of Cyprus.
Luxury Cars Interface

A brand by Ta Meri Finance, Luxury Cars Club & Financing is a premium-class car leasing platform that offers financing, insurance, and financial advisory services. Targeted at Cyprus and other EU citizens, the platform finances new luxury cars priced from 60 thousand up to 450 thousand euros.

“We have chosen HES FinTech as a finance IT provider for several reasons. First, the company has expertise in international financial markets. Second, the lending platform developed HES is very flexible and easy-to-use by our partner shops.”
Roman Vavron
Roman Vavron, CEO of Ta Meri and Luxury Cars