Consumer Lending Software

Intelligent consumer financing platform that automates every step of the lending process. 20+ prebuilt modules. AI/ML credit scoring. Enjoy a highly customizable solution ready to launch in 90 days.
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Automated Workflows
Credit Scoring
Debt Collection

Automated Workflows

Map up your day-to-day processes with HES BPM-powered consumer installment loan software. Whether you are a bank, credit union, alternative lender, or financial company, we can help you automate repetitive tasks, manage lending processes, and increase efficiency.

From a fast end-to-end application process to managing document flows and collecting payments, the platform stands for the critical demands of both consumers and lenders.


Reduce loan origination time to accelerate the process and enhance customer experience. Use HES software solutions to make loan decisions faster and better. Bost time to fund and eliminate manual processing throughout the lending lifecycle.

  • — Business workflow automation
  • — Customer due diligence
  • — Client AI-based credit scoring


Level up loan servicing with dozens of possible customization options. Set up calculations for various loan types, payment protection plans, monitor lines of credit, and keep your business compliant with loan operation regulations.

  • — Automate loan disbursement
  • — Configure, calculate and track payment schedules
  • — Perform day-to-day calculations for accruals, write-offs
  • — Implement direct debit for loan repayment

Credit Scoring

Automate the underwriting process, thoroughly assess the financial standing of potential borrowers, and better identify creditworthy customers.

Follow your in-house decision-making process or leverage proprietary scoring models and credit bureau ratings for risk-free lending. Adjust and train the AI-powered system to make correct decisions once sufficient data is collected.

Debt Collection

Let HES automate and optimize your debt collection operations. Enjoy a flexible and sophisticated loan software powered with legal collection features and a pre-collection module. Implement automatic notifications (email, SMS, etc.) and adjust a loan repayment module according to your business needs.

Consumer Lending Software

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Consumer Lending Platform

Loan Management
Product Engine
KYC & Credit Scoring
Application Module
Consumer Lending Software Interface
Application Module
Consumer Application Module
Loan Management
Consumer Loan Management
KYC & Scoring
Credit Scoring Interface

Consumer Loan Software by HES FinTech

HES supports financial institutions by delivering an exceptional lending experience. Streamline your processes by automating manual tasks and improve your team performance. What our customers have experienced:
reduction in operating costs
solution flexibility and robustness
increase in efficiency
decrease in time to fund
Technology Architecture Overview

Online and Offline Access

The platform can be deployed to the production environment of any chosen provider. HES software solutions enable lenders to deploy mission-critical technology on-premises or in the cloud.

Powerful Backend Tools

HES utilizes a Java technology stack, including Java 11, Spring 5, PostgreSQL 11. The architecture is based on FOSS technologies with no licensing fees, except for the platform’s source code.


Explore the core

Security and Compliance

HES addresses security measures through the SDLC. Use loan management software that is fully compliant with domestic and international legal regulations and data privacy protection.

Modular Architecture

HES loan software is made of a collection of 20+ prebuilt modules that span customer onboarding, KYC/AML, credit scoring, LOS, product engines and calculations, workflow, document management, and more.

Get Started with HES Today

Upgrade and automate your consumer finance process with top-notch software. Request a real time demo tour to get more information about HES Consumer Lending Solution.
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