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HES LoanBox solution includes
Landing Page
Borrower Portal
Back Office

Ready-made consumer lending platform
User-friendly, white-label design
Multichannel loan application process
Dedicated customer support
Flexible integration options

Digital onboarding

Efortless loan
application process

Landing Page
API for your website
Active plugin

Consumer Loan Origination Software

Consumer Lending Platform Interface

Installment Loan Software

Connect the Borrower Portal with your website.
HES LoanBox consumer loan origination software can be integrated with
existing website via API, providing users with a seamless customer

Consumer Finance Software Mobile Version
Cross-channel application process
Allow your customers the flexibility to apply for a loan through any
channel, using any device — from PC to smartphone — and even switch
devices mid-process. The retail lending solution by HES FinTech
enables seamless and paperless onboarding.

Omnichannel Consumer Credit Software
Cross-channel application process
Omnichannel approach to the consumer loan automation enables users
to switch between devices and complete the application most
conveniently. HES consumer lending solution has an auto-saving
feature that allows to return to the form later without losing any

Steps to Customize Application Flow
Customizable application flow
The off-the-shelf consumer loan software developed by HES experts
is tailored to meet business needs, enabling you to create a
smooth application process with configurable forms.

Safeguard your financial institution against scammers. Verify the
user’s identity instantly by comparing the data filled and photos
of their documents.

Borrower Portal

Complete retail lending software

Active loan
Application flow
Activities dashboard

Consumer Loan Software Borrower Portal

Consumer Loan Origination Software Interface

Consumer Lending Platform Notifications

Loan calculator
HES LoanBox includes a front-end loan calculator that helps
borrowers choose the most suitable loan products by illustrating
how regular repayments adjust based on terms like loan amount and
payment frequency.

Client's Profile in Consumer Financing System
Borrower Profile
Let your borrowers save and update their personal information and
use it for new loan applications. Stored sensitive data is
protected by

Back Office

Automated retail lending 

Loan Management
Credit Scoring
Product Engine

Consumer Loan Management Software

Consumer Loan Servicing Software

Consumer Loan Software Credit Scoring

Consumer Lending Solution Product Management

Feature-rich Back Office for managers

Consumer Loan System Workflow
Automated decision-making
HES LoanBox retail lending software empowers you to configure semi-
and fully-automated decision-making processes. The platform can
score loan applications, detect stop factors, find matching lending
products, and approve or decline requests automatically.

Consumer Loan Software Workflow
Automated decision-making
HES LoanBox consumer lending software empowers you to configure
semi- and fully-automated decision-making processes. The platform
can score loan applications, detect stop factors, find matching
lending products, and approve or decline requests automatically.

Calculation and product engines
The consumer loan system supports multiple calculation types,
using which you can create an unlimited number of loan products
with flexible terms.

User Roles Configuration in Consumer Loan System
User roles
Safeguard your consumer finance system from human mistakes and
data breaches by managing employee access to specific modules.

Technology architecture overview

Online and
offline access

HES consumer lending platform can be deployed on-premises or
in the cloud of any chosen provider.

Cloud provider

tech stack

In the development process, an advanced technology stack is
used, including the solutions like Java, Camunda, Spring Boot
and modeler. The architecture is based on free and
open-source tools, which allows us to cut off licensing fees
except for the platform’s source code.

Java LTS stack

The highest
level of security

HES is ISO 27001 certified, which confirms that our
development and data management processes meet international
requirements. On top of this, HES addresses security measures
through the Systems development life cycle (SDLC).

Technology Architecture Overview

Off-the-shelf solution
for consumer


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