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HES FinTech and Alraedah Finance: Pioneering Financial Innovation Through Strategic Partnership

HES FinTech and Alraedah Finance: Pioneering Financial Innovation Through Strategic Partnership

It is with great excitement that we announce a groundbreaking collaboration between two leaders in the fintech space: HES FinTech, a renowned provider of cutting-edge loan origination and management solutions, and Alraedah Finance, a distinguished financial company dedicated to funding micro, small, and medium entities in Saudi Arabia. Alraedah Finance stands out for its commitment to offering Islamic financial services through Murabaha Contracts, in strict compliance with the Saudi Central Bank’s (“SAMA”) regulations. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our joint quest to revolutionize financial services through innovation, technology, and customer-centric solutions, underscoring a shared commitment to ethical finance.

As Alraedah Finance looks towards the future, it is poised to expand its product offering. This strategic direction not only reflects Alraedah Finance’s ambition to broaden its services but also aligns with our mutual goal of embracing technological advancements to meet the evolving needs of the SME sector. Together, HES FinTech and Alraedah Finance are set to redefine the landscape of financial services in Saudi Arabia, fostering economic growth and innovation in alignment with Islamic financial principles.

Objectives of the Collaboration

The strategic partnership between HES FinTech and Alraedah Finance is founded on a shared commitment to driving innovation and efficiency within the financial sector. This collaboration is designed to achieve several key objectives, each addressing the unique needs of the SME lending  in Saudi Arabia. 

Comprehensive Process Automation

One of the cornerstone objectives of our collaboration is to address the challenge of manual processes through comprehensive automation. With the aid of our in-built Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) engine, we are uniquely positioned to automate a vast array of lending processes for Alraedah Finance. This innovative approach will encompass critical areas such as loan origination, decision-making, and collections workflows.

System Integration and Unification

Alraedah Finance has multiple, disjointed systems and has underscored the need for a unified platform. Our partnership will focus on integrating these disparate systems into a cohesive, interconnected ecosystem. By doing so, we aim to streamline data capture, reduce redundancies, and significantly cut down the time and errors associated with operating multiple platforms.

Data Quality and Analytics Optimization

Addressing the inconsistent data availability, quality, and integrity, our collaboration will implement robust data management and validation protocols. By consolidating data into a single, integrated system, we aim to improve data quality and enable advanced portfolio analytics, facilitating better decision-making and strategic insights.

Collections Automation and Operational Reporting

To overcome the limitations in collections automation and operational reporting, we will introduce advanced functionalities tailored to enable effective management of past-due accounts and their reporting. Moreover, the partnership will develop comprehensive reporting capabilities, empowering Alraedah Finance to monitor process efficiency.

Supporting Business Growth

Central to our objectives is the goal to catalyze significant growth for SMEs in Saudi Arabia. By addressing the aforementioned challenges, Alraedah Finance will be equipped to offer more efficient, accessible, and reliable financial services. This strategic enhancement directly aligns with Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitions, promoting economic diversification and fostering a thriving SME ecosystem.

Our partnership between Alraedah Finance and HES FinTech is not just a response to immediate challenges but a strategic endeavor aimed at reaping long-term benefits for Alraedah Finance, its clients, and the broader financial ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.

We are excited to join forces with HES FinTech to enhance our offerings and better serve the SME sector in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our vision of leveraging technology to deliver flexible and impactful financial solutions for SMEs.

Abdulaziz Aldawood
Abdulaziz Aldawood
Acting CEO of Alraedah Finance


As we embark on this journey, the possibilities are boundless. The synergy between HES FinTech and Alraedah Finance promises to redefine the financial landscape, setting new benchmarks for excellence in fintech and business financing. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this partnership’s objectives, strategies, and the bright future it heralds for businesses and the broader financial industry.

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