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HES FinTech's Landmark Bangkok Trip Fosters Groundbreaking Collaboration with Srisawad and TPIsoftware

HES FinTech's Landmark Bangkok Trip Fosters Groundbreaking Collaboration with Srisawad and TPIsoftware

In December 2023, HES FinTech’s Product Manager and Business Analyst Darya Voronyuk, led a strategic business trip to Bangkok, Thailand, for a crucial collaboration involving Srisawad Corporation and TPIsoftware. This visit marked a significant step in HES FinTech’s global expansion strategy and its commitment to technological innovation in the financial sector.

About HES FinTech’s Strategic Partners, Srisawad Corporation and TPIsoftware

Srisawad Corporation, a major player in Thailand’s financial services industry, offers a broad spectrum of financial products and services. These include hire-purchase, personal loans, asset management, and comprehensive solutions like deposits, corporate lending, consumer lending, and bond representative services.

TPIsoftware, the number one FinTech software company in Taiwan, brings a wealth of expertise and innovative solutions to the table. The company specializes in proprietary enterprise service platforms like DigiFusion and conversational AI product series With a strong presence in Taiwan and subsidiaries in Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, and Thailand, TPIsoftware is renowned for its comprehensive software solutions, cloud services, and ability to aid businesses in digital transformation.

Key Objectives of The Trip

The trip involved intensive work sessions and strategic planning with the teams from Srisawad and TPI (Taiwan). These sessions were instrumental in aligning visions, brainstorming innovative solutions, and tackling complex challenges in the financial technology space. A significant aspect of the visit was the opportunity to observe Srisawad’s end-users in their working environment, providing invaluable insights into their daily challenges and needs. This direct interaction is essential for HES FinTech in developing user-centric software solutions that are not only functional but also anticipate the evolving demands of the financial industry.

1. Improving joint project processes: Intensive work sessions were dedicated to refining and advancing the operational aspects of the ongoing collaborative project, aiming to streamline efficiencies and effectiveness.

2. Strategic planning for development phases: The teams devoted significant time to mapping out future actions and development stages of the project, ensuring that each phase of the software development was well-planned and aligned with the project’s goals.

3. Requirement gathering and confirmation for Srisawad’s software development: Understanding the specific needs of Srisawad was paramount. The trip facilitated in-depth discussions and analysis to accurately capture and confirm the requirements for the software development, ensuring that the end product would be precisely tailored to meet Srisawad’s needs.

One of the significant advantages was the opportunity to observe end-users in their work environment. This provided invaluable insights into their daily activities, challenges faced, and overall workflow. Such direct observation is crucial for developing user-centric software that not only meets but anticipates the needs of the end-users.

Wrapping Up 

The business trip by HES FinTech to Bangkok represented a vital step in building stronger partnerships, understanding client needs more deeply, and laying a solid foundation for the future phases of their project. The insights gained and the relationships strengthened during this trip are expected to have a lasting impact on the success and direction of their collaborative efforts.

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