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LEAPing Forward: Meet HES FinTech in Riyadh

LEAPing Forward: Meet HES FinTech in Riyadh

The LEAP conference was inaugurated in 2022 under the auspices of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones (SAFCSP), and the Informa company Tahaluf. It was conceived as a platform to bridge gaps and foster innovation across a wide spectrum of sectors including fintech, edutech, smart cities, and artificial intelligence. The event’s launch in Riyadh was a resounding success, drawing an impressive crowd of over 100,000 visitors, featuring 700 tech companies, and announcing initiatives worth $6.4 billion. 

By 2023, LEAP attracted over 172,000 visitors, 900 exhibitors, and 700 speakers from 50 countries. The event became a pivotal meeting ground for 500 startups and 1026 investors wielding a combined Assets Under Management (AUM) of $2 trillion.

This year, LEAP sets its sights even higher, aiming to redefine the boundaries of tech conferences. Scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia, the conference is poised to attract 1300 investors, showcase 2000 exhibitors, and expand its venue to accommodate a 110% increase in floor space compared to previous years. These ambitious goals underscore LEAP’s commitment to not just maintaining its status as a premier tech event, but also to expanding its scope to encourage global networking, spur innovation, and drive positive change across multiple industries.

In this context, the participation of Dmitry Dolgorukov, co-founder of HES FinTech, at the LEAP conference in 2024 highlights the event’s critical role in shaping the future of technology and finance. Through its inception, growth, and ongoing evolution, the LEAP conference continues to stand at the forefront of technological innovation, offering a unique confluence of ideas, talents, and opportunities that resonate across the globe.

The LEAP Conference

HES FinTech’s Perspectives for LEAP Participation

As HES FinTech gears up for the LEAP conference in 2024, the company’s strategic focus is clear: to leverage this global platform for showcasing its innovative solutions, forging new partnerships, and gaining insights into the evolving landscape of financial technology. HES FinTech, under the visionary leadership of its co-founder Dmitry Dolgorukov, approaches the LEAP conference with a multifaceted agenda that aligns with its long-term goals and the broader trends shaping the fintech industry.

Showcasing Innovation

HES FinTech plans to use the LEAP conference as a stage to demonstrate its latest advancements in fintech solutions. The company is set to highlight how its cutting-edge technology can address the complex challenges faced by lenders and financial institutions, showcasing the scalability, security, and efficiency of its platforms. Through interactive presentations and live demonstrations, HES FinTech aims to captivate attendees with the tangible benefits of its products, emphasizing their role in driving financial inclusion and digital transformation.

Forging Strategic Partnerships

Networking is at the heart of the LEAP conference, and HES FinTech is poised to capitalize on this opportunity to expand its global footprint. The company is keen on exploring potential collaborations with other tech innovators, financial institutions, and investors present at the event. By engaging in dialogues with like-minded entities, HES FinTech seeks to forge strategic partnerships that can enhance its product offerings, enter new markets, and create synergies that benefit the broader financial ecosystem.

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Gaining Industry Insights

The LEAP conference is renowned for its thought-provoking sessions and keynotes, covering the latest trends and disruptions in technology and finance. HES FinTech is committed to absorbing these insights, with the intent of staying ahead in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape. The company recognizes the value of understanding emerging trends, regulatory changes, and consumer expectations, which are critical for shaping its future strategies and innovations.

This event is a melting pot of creativity and ambition, where the brightest minds in technology and finance come together to redefine what’s possible.

Dmitry Dolgorukov of HES FinTech
Dmitry Dolgorukov
Co-Founder and CRO of HES FinTech

In conclusion, HES FinTech views its participation in the LEAP conference as a pivotal moment in its ongoing journey to revolutionize the fintech sector. The company is embracing an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the future of finance, driven by innovation, partnership, and understanding of the industry’s potential. Dmitry, with his visionary leadership and deep commitment to the fintech industry, extends an open invitation to fellow innovators, industry leaders, and potential partners attending the conference to engage in meaningful discussions and explore collaborative opportunities.

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