Canadian lender success story

End-to-end loan management software for consumer lending in Canada
Learn how HES FinTech helped a leading Canadian lender to optimize loan processing.
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Consumer lending
The average volume of loans issued increase per week is about 40% (count) and in which case our
auto-approved growth is 10% worth of our business which is a huge win.
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Consumer loan management software development

A lending organization approached HES with an urgent need for a loan management system upgrade.
Their legacy software was outdated, lacked functionality, and caused operational costs and data
loss issues. The organization needed a new loan servicing system with advanced features, such as
multiple calculation types, loan management scenarios, and automated decision-making, to reduce
manual tasks and improve overall operational efficiency.

6 months


20 min

Saving per one application processing

12500 h

Yearly worktime savings

Migration to a new lending system

HES FinTech developers built a new loan management system based on HES Core modules, leveraging
modern technology stacks and robust APIs. The team implemented Camunda, a lending workflow
management API, to adopt two different business processes within a single system. Additionally,
they integrated the system with a feature-rich borrower portal and VoPay payment processing
provider to automate disbursements and repayments and simplify loan tracking. Despite the
challenge of migrating historical data from the older system with different calculation logic,
the team successfully brought all data into the new secure database.

AI-powered custom loan management system

The lending organization received a custom end-to-end automated lending system with three types
of calculations. The product engine was tailored to Consumer Lending and BNPL loans, and the
system worked with minimal manual work. With automated pre-approvals, electronic document flow,
task management, and role assignment, the system drastically improved efficiency and reduced
operational costs. Moreover, the software was integrated with GiniMachine AI for instant loan
application and portfolio scoring, Dashly conversational marketing platform for effective
customer communication, and Flinks reporting API for data-driven decisions. The MVP+ version
with all custom preference adjustments was completed in just six months, resulting in
significant cost savings and increased efficiency for the lending organization.