HES Core: Digital Lending Engine Behind HES Software

December 13, 2018  By HES FinTech
HES Core: Digital Lending Engine Behind HES Software

HES is proud to introduce the HES Core, a breakthrough digital lending engine empowered with Artificial Intelligence.

HES Core supports financial institutions with going digital quickly and at a reasonable investment. As a result, the system can 100% meet your unique requirements, ditching the necessity of developing it from the ground-up, and ensure your time-to-market within 90 days.

What is HES Core?

HES Core is a codebase that covers functionality for the entire loan management lifecycle. From origination to underwriting, collection and credit portfolio analysis. What’s most important, with 20+ pre-built modules, you can easily configure the solution for efficient management of your financial business.

Digital Lending Architecture

HES Core is a launchpad for your digital lending solution.

‘Our mission is to help banks and lenders win in the new digital economy. For example, through automation, AI and Agile methodology, HES lending software allows financial institutions to be ahead of the curve,’ says Dmitry Dolgorukov, Chief Executive Officer at HES

‘We truly believe that genuinely new and innovative products can empower our customers in their digital transformation.

With HES Core, we aim to use our fintech know-how to help lending companies close the gap between the initial investment and the first digital loan product released to the market,’ sums up Dmitry.

As a result, HES Core takes away the hurdle of massive upfront investment and operational overheads of in-house custom software development.

What’s Behind 20+ HES Core Modules?

For instance, HES software automates the lending process from start to finish in a way that ensures a seamless and transparent experience for our customers.

HES Core modules cover every aspect of a lending business operation. They cater both to a borrower’s expectations for convenience, simplicity, and transparency, and to a lender’s needs for efficiency and agility.

From this perspective, utilize HES Core modules as part of either an online loan application portal with personal accounts for individual borrowers, or a back-office system with a rich set of tools for financial company’s employees.

Yet, to illustrate the full range of capabilities that HES Core provides, the modules can be tentatively grouped into the following categories:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Credit portfolio
  • Loan servicing
  • CRM
  • Back-office operations and automation

Customer onboarding

Customer acquisition + Loan origination + Underwriting

These modules offer extensive functionality to handle your sales funnel and re-engage your borrowers. There are also all the tools for smooth loan origination to disbursement and repayment schedule tracking.

Onboarding Interface

Thorough underwriting and risk assessment are one of the most advanced parts of the HES Core. They allow to aggregate decision-making data from internal sources, third-party scoring data providers, social media, Google Analytics, transactional data or other external databases. As a result, lenders can perform manual underwriting or implement proprietary credit scoring models.

Innovative AI-based scoring is undeniably a game-changer here. The HES Core is already integrated with GiniMachine, our unique AI-based credit scoring solution that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to build a scoring model in a matter of minutes.

Credit Scoring Ginimachine

Credit portfolio

Product Modeling + Calculation engine

The calculation engine is the brain of your lending system. The formulas are implemented after careful examination of your unique requirements — both positive and border cases.

Lenders can use a set of flexible parameters from a product modeler to set up a countless number of loan products.

For example, the whole process is a simple mix-and-match task. If you change any of the parameters (interest rate, grace period, rollover and restructuring terms, etc), the formulas are automatically recalculated and trigger other workflows from notifications to regular disbursement to status changes and more.

Calculation Engine

Loan Servicing

Disbursement + Collection

Disbursement and collection are facilitated with rich payment functionality. In other words, the HES platform is integrated with online payment systems, cards, e-wallets and cash-in points.


Efficient debt collection is achieved with extensive tracking of overdue payments, bad loans, and default borrowers. Hence, back-office system users can apply various collection mechanisms from soft collection to legal debt enforcement (attach id and contractual documents, create notification templates with customized messages for various types of debtors, and more).

HES Collection Module


CRM functionality gives both a big-picture view on all relations with your borrowers and the ability to zoom in on very particular details. It also provides the ultimate customer service tools. Financial companies get access to detailed client profiles, communication history, and service-related documentation.

Relying on IP telephony, SMS notification and email marketing services, they can quickly reach out to their clients with new product offerings and recent updates. Extend the capabilities further by integrating HES Core with any third-party service.


Back-office operations and automation

Solutions powered by HES Core have highly integrated architecture. That’s what really drives ultimate operational efficiency.

Tightly interconnected modules propel workflow automation culture and allow handling many processes in the background.

HES Organization Module

For example, automatically feed underwriting data back to credit bureaus. Other highlights of the back-office functionality are the ability to create custom visual reports and rich libraries of re-usable document templates. The highly customizable and granular access management is a real icing on the cake for this module.

Above all, administrators can regulate access policies without being restricted to a set of pre-defined user roles with pre-defined permissions. They can assign custom permissions for each role in a few simple clicks.

HES Core Benefits

In conclusion, HES Core is a powerful foundation for your solid operation and successful presence on the digital lending arena. It allows you to have a solution that 100% meets your business demands, remain flexible in the fast-paced FinTech environment and respond to market demands at warp speed.

With HES Core you get:

  • Unique functionality at a fraction of custom software costs
  • First online borrowers reached in less than 3 months
  • Unlimited users and product options
  • Reduced loan processing time with automated workflows
  • Architecture set-up for future growth
  • Unprecedented flexibility and adaptability

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