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HES LoanBox Grand Update: Even More Powerful Features

HES LoanBox Grand Update: Even More Powerful Features

HES LoanBox is back with a bang, bringing a fresh set of enhancements to supercharge your lending experience. 

Our latest goals achieved

  • Expanded lending use cases:  With the integration of LoanBox, we now cover an even broader spectrum of lending scenarios.
  • Empowering customers: We believe in giving power to our users. Experience heightened autonomy like never before.
  • New markets & regions: We’re stretching our horizons, venturing into exciting new regions like Australia and New Zealand. 

What’s new 

We’ve introduced tailored applications for Agents, Merchants, and Brokers, added multiuser capabilities for enhanced collaboration, and streamlined lead and borrower management. Our back office now boasts a revamped Agent’s module with CRUD features. Plus, with our new loan calculator, make precise decisions using pre-defined options. Stay organized with our enhanced document management system and enjoy payment flexibility, essential for both Borrowers and Underwriters. 

These updates deserve a full blog post with visuals to show how everything will work. Stay tuned – it’s coming soon.

We did our best to make HES LoanBox more convenient to use for different types of lenders. Now you can customize loan application forms to fetch the necessary data, integrate only certain modules into your proprietary systems, and seamlessly connect LoanBox to your marketplace as a powerful BNPL solution.

Nata Savastsenka of HES FinTech
Nata Savastsenka
Product Owner of HES FinTech

A few words about our integrations 

In our continuous pursuit to enhance user experience and broaden our service offerings, we’re thrilled to announce a slew of new integrations. These additions not only expand our global reach but also cater to specific regional needs, ensuring that our platform remains versatile and user-centric.

  1. Plaid: Dive into the world of open banking with Plaid’s integration, offering global support. This ensures seamless financial data connectivity, making transactions smoother than ever.
  2. Illion: Catering specifically to our users in Australia and New Zealand, Illion brings open-banking services tailored to the unique financial landscape of the region.
  3. SquarePay: For our Australian clientele, SquarePay offers specialized payment solutions, ensuring that transactions are swift, secure, and hassle-free.
  4. Vo-pay ACH: Expanding our payment processing capabilities in the USA, Vo-pay ACH ensures that American transactions are processed efficiently, meeting the high standards our users have come to expect.
  5. Jumio: With global KYX integration, Jumio enhances our platform’s verification processes, ensuring that user experiences are not only seamless but also secure.
  6. Google Maps: Address verification is crucial, and with the integration of Google Maps, we can now verify addresses on a global scale, adding an extra layer of security and accuracy to our platform.

What’s next

As we continue to innovate and enhance our platform, we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon of HES LoanBox. Our team is hard at work developing loan restructuring capabilities to provide more flexibility and options for our users. Additionally, we’re gearing up to introduce floating rates, a feature that promises to add another dimension to our financial offerings.

So, as we forge ahead, we encourage you to stay engaged, share your insights, and keep an eye out for these upcoming features.  

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