Lending software in Bahrain

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Start a new line of business in Bahrain
with tailor-made loan management software.

All-round automation and AI scoring

Solution includes
Lending Software

HES Core with 20+ modules

Borrower portal
Back office

Under the hood

Credit scoring and KYC
Enrich your lending system with an AI-equipped risk management plugin. Experiment with onboarding using a multichannel module.
Automate each step of the lending management process to cut manual errors.
Origination module
Automate customer onboarding and account opening across multiple
channels. Run a feature-rich customer portal and personal area.
100+ integrations
HES software can be integrated with any credit bureau, KYC/AML,
payment and notification providers, accounting systems, BI solutions.
Product engine
Launch numerous unique product types and comply with the legislation changes.
Full configuration of the product, including repayment period, rates, penalties.
and much more
Debt collection
Automate and optimize collection operations.
Sophisticated and flexible soft, hard or legal collection features, pre-collection.
Document management
Security settings

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Our clients

Loan software
for banks
lenders in Bahrain

The fusion of modules and a highly configurable HES Core™ bring flexibility and speed to your business. Modular architecture. A Java tech stack. AI credit scoring.

Traditional and digital-only banks
Consumer and commercial lenders
Brokerage and leasing companies
P2P/POS lenders and marketplaces
Microfinance and PDL lenders
Credit unions

boost in staff
We cover the whole lending process, from loan origination to reporting. HES Fintech has been
transforming financial business demands into helpful features in Bahrain since 2012. Opt for digital lending solution tailored to your needs.

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