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The Great Tech Revolution: Trends That Are Changing Finance As We Know It

The Great Tech Revolution: Trends That Are Changing Finance As We Know It

Let’s take a broader look at the financial services industry. By 2022, the fintech market value will exceed $300 billion. It means that we can witness twofold growth since 2018 when the market value was $127.66 billion.

So, which trends and technologies are going to have the greatest impact on the financial industry in 2022? 

Dmitry Dolgorukov, HES FinTech leader, answers this question and shares his trends overview in the new article for Forbes Finance Council.

The article is full of striking facts about changing consumer behavior and business adaptation to that. For example:

  • Did you know that according to Visa research 1 out of 3 businesses accepts less or no cash at all?
  • Is your business ready for the fact that the number of cell phones grew from 3.6 billion to over 6.37 billion in just five years? (Statista
  • Have you read before that more than 52% of online purchases in 2021 were made with a digital wallet? (Worldpay from FIS)

In this text, you will find more information about contactless payments, digital society, and automation trends. 

Get to know more about the direction of cloud technology development, the new popular functions of AI and ML, module-based tailored financial software, and the role of blockchain in P2P lending.

Also, you can obtain a few ideas on how to invest in the latest technologies to make this investment successful. 

Read the full article on Forbes: 


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