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How No-Code AI Is Changing Business

How No-Code AI Is Changing Business

More companies are searching for AI-based solutions to automate business processes and reduce costs. However, a lot of them get confused by the massive costs of implementation, the need to have an additional technical department, and a steep learning curve. All that slows down the speed of AI adoption.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This article shows the key considerations about the no-code development of AI software and its integration into existing systems of financial businesses. No-code development implies code-free systems that are up and running, building models, serving other business purposes – and all that requires no deep knowledge in programming, data science, or other types of engineering.

In the full version of the article, Dmitry Dolgorukov, HES CRO and Co-Founder, provides the key benefits of no-code AI based on market research and his own experience with AI-based GiniMachine:

  • Fast and easy integration;
  • Sufficiently higher level of automation;
  • Affordable implementation when compared to custom AI;
  • Opportunity to implement Business Intelligence solutions.

From this article, you will find out how no-code AI development looks like in practice, what types of processes it automates, and what businesses need to consider before the start. 

“In the financial sector, no-code AI tools can be introduced to fulfill a variety of purposes, for example, reducing the risk of bad credit for lenders, choosing where to open or close a bank branch, automating online onboarding forms, and much more.”

says Dmitry Dolgorukov

There is a special focus on no-code AI software in finance and marketing for credit scoring, application scoring, churn prediction, and other cases of predictive analytics use in finance.

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