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HES FinTech Wraps Up Successful Participation in Money 20/20 Amsterdam

HES FinTech Wraps Up Successful Participation in Money 20/20 Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 8, 2023 – HES FinTech, a leading provider of innovative financial technology solutions, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its participation in the highly anticipated Money 20/20 event held in Amsterdam from 6th to 8th June 2023. The event brought together key players in the financial technology industry, fostering meaningful connections and providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the global market.

During the event, HES FinTech engaged in numerous planned meetings, which proved to be highly productive. The company showcased its cutting-edge lending software solution for managing loan applications and streamlining their processing, highlighting its effectiveness in improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience. HES LoanBox has already garnered significant attention in the market and was well-received by industry professionals at Money 20/20.

Partnership opportunities

One of the highlights of HES FinTech’s participation was the valuable information obtained from the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia (SAMA) regarding the KSA market. The insights shared by SAMA will enable HES FinTech to navigate the market more effectively, saving valuable time and resources. This partnership further demonstrates HES FinTech’s commitment to expanding its global presence and establishing strategic alliances with key regulatory bodies.

Additionally, HES FinTech held several productive meetings with potential participants, including Panamax from the United States and Acquired, United Kingdom. These meetings provided an excellent opportunity for HES FinTech to explore potential collaborations, exchange industry knowledge, and identify synergies that can further enhance its products and services.

Participating in Money 20/20 Amsterdam has been an incredible experience for HES FinTech. We are thrilled with the positive response to our software solution and the valuable insights we gained from our meetings. The event has reinforced our belief in the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving the future of financial technology.

Dmitry Dolgorukov of HES FinTech
Dmitry Dolgorukov
Co-Founder and CRO of HES FinTech

About Money 20/20

Money20/20 is a prestigious platform that serves at the forefront of the global money ecosystem. With a blend of exceptional content, sales opportunities, and networking events, Money20/20 offers invaluable insights and connections to keep its customers ahead of the curve. This event is renowned for its profound analytics, inspiring speakers, and transformative networking experiences, enabling individuals and organizations to shape strategies, foster relationships, and embrace innovative thinking. Money20/20 is dedicated to providing unparalleled clarity and a unique perspective on the future of Payments, FinTech, and Financial Services, making it an essential destination for industry professionals seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of the financial world.

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