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Exploring AI in Debt Collection in the Philippines

Exploring AI in Debt Collection in the Philippines

GiniMachine is excited to announce its upcoming podcast: “Enhancing Debt Collection Strategies with AI,” specifically focusing on the Philippines’ financial sector. Scheduled for December 6th at 3 PM Philippine Time, this event promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of AI’s role in modernizing debt collection.

The Philippines’ banking and fintech landscape is rapidly evolving, and AI stands at the forefront of this transformation. Our podcast aims to dissect the impact and potential of AI-driven strategies in debt collection within this vibrant market.

What to Expect

Our session will delve into:

– The Integration of AI in Debt Collection:  We’ll explore the current state and potential advancements of AI in debt collection in the Philippines.

– Strategies and Solutions: Attendees will learn about effective AI strategies that can enhance efficiency and customer relations in debt collection.

– Expert Insights: The podcast will feature our speakers sharing their experiences and insights.

Meet Our Speakers

Renata Sarvari, Head of Business Development at GiniMachine, with her expertise in scoring, collection, and process automation, will provide valuable insights.

Ian (Martin) Madrid, CEO of S.P. Madrid, brings his experience from leading a top debt collection agency in the Philippines and UAE.

Who Should Attend

This podcast is an invaluable resource for professionals in the banking and fintech sectors, particularly those in consumer and commercial lending, microfinance, and credit unions, operating in the Philippines.

Join Us

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into the transformative power of AI in debt collection. Click here to register and be a part of this engaging discussion.

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