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HES Fintech to Attend LEAP Technology Conference in Riyadh

HES Fintech to Attend LEAP Technology Conference in Riyadh

HES Fintech, a leading financial technology company, announces its participation in the upcoming international technology conference LEAP to be held on February 6, 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

At the conference, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, Dmitry Dolgorukov, will attend fintech sessions to explore the latest advancements in financial technology and bring the future closer to HES’s products. With the goal of staying at the forefront of the industry, Dolgorukov is eager to meet with prominent fintech companies, including The World Bank, USA, Axiom World, Saudi Arabia, and Konsentus, UK.

At HES Fintech, we believe that the future of finance lies in technology, and we are committed to leading the way in this field. We are excited to attend LEAP and look forward to connecting with other fintech companies to bring our vision to life.

Dmitry Dolgorukov of HES FinTech
Dmitry Dolgorukov
CRO at HES FinTech

Through these meetings, HES Fintech hopes to find new opportunities to collaborate and move the world into the future together. The conference is expected to provide valuable insights and knowledge that will help the company achieve its mission of creating innovative and cutting-edge financial technology solutions.

About LEAP’23

LEAP 2023, a premier technology conference, will be a four-day exploration of the innovations that have the potential to shape the future. LEAP 2023 promises to be a thrilling journey through the future of technology, offering attendees a glimpse of what’s to come and the chance to be a part of shaping it.

Each day of the event will highlight a different pillar of innovation: Spark, Collaboration, Momentum, and Future. The conference will feature engaging keynotes and panel discussions on the LEAP Main Stage and the LEAP Investor Stage, as well as a series of Orbital Talks on topics ranging from the creative economy and edutech to retail, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, future energy, smart cities, fintech, and healthtech.

In addition to the insightful presentations, the LEAP exhibition floor will host more than 700 of the world’s leading tech companies, providing attendees with the opportunity to see the latest products and services, network with industry leaders, and learn about emerging trends.

Join HES Fintech at LEAP’23 to connect and move the fintech industry to the future together!

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