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HES Enters Southeast Asian Market with New P2P Project

HES Enters Southeast Asian Market with New P2P Project

HES has entered the markets of Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Hong-Kong by securing a new and exciting project for an online peer-to-peer lending platform.

An ambitious South East Asian startup has chosen HES as its software and technology partner. Therefore, the company will provide a responsible and more efficient peer to peer marketplace software. Above all, it will allow SMEs and entrepreneurs to run transparent initiatives to source loans from institutional and individual investors.

The platform will work as a full-service loan agent in evaluating, marketing and managing each lending project. In the long run, it will execute a strong due diligence process and offer multiple loan investment options.

“The intense interest in marketplace lending arises from the inspiring success stories of companies like Zopa and Lending Club. In this case, we have a good reason to believe that similar success can be achieved in the market of Southeast Asia. The HES team has started this new project from scratch. It is unburdened with the clutter of legacy IT. We at HES are going to support it by creating the right automated workflows and a powerful business administration environment. I’m sure our software will help this start-up company to sign up some of the leading Asian investors and stakeholders. As for the unbanked or underbanked SMEs and entrepreneurs, they will benefit from a streamlined application process and quick funding decisions,” said Maria Nemogai, HES’s business development manager.

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