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Post-Pandemic Recovery Insights For Banks and Fintechs

Post-Pandemic Recovery Insights For Banks and Fintechs

The world as we knew it has changed. And our attitude towards finances too. So will it be the same anymore or fintech needs to adapt to new rules? Here are the three ways credit and lending are changing in 2021. 

In this article for Forbes, HES FinTech’s Co-Founder Dmitry Dolgorukov focused on digital services for financial operations, demand for short-term loans, and rapid growth of digital business lending caused by lockdowns.

As the global pandemic came down on us, consumers tended to save more money than spend. Statisticians note a 90% decrease in spendings. Dmitry notes that retailers should expect a cash-injection boom once governmental restrictions are eased. 

Banks and fintech can expect major changes in brick-and-mortar branches. With an increased demand for digital-only services, customers will take priority in online financing forcing banks to cut physical branches in favor of digital services. 

Dmitry points out that lending is also on the rise in 2021. He predicts a continued increase in business loans, including business support and business opening credit. Lending providers should be ready for and ensure their lending strategy in post-COVID will work.

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