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Future of Finance: What Fintech Evolvers Can Teach Us

Future of Finance: What Fintech Evolvers Can Teach Us

58% of senior banking executives around the world think they will lose their market share if they fail in their digital transformation. As you can see, the thing is no more about changing the positioning or moving to a different customer segment, it’s about doubts about basic existence. 

If previously the key goal of evolvers was to beat competitors and win a larger market share, today all banks and financial institutions need to become evolvers to survive. 

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So what can finserv companies do to remain competitive and move ahead? In his new Forbes article, Dmitry Dolgorukov analyzes the most outstanding industry evolvers’ strategies and best practices. 

From planning to increase their fintech partnerships to must-have legacy system updates and bold business decisions. He is trying to find what evolvers have that others don’t:

  • Simplicity
  • The right balance between a clear focus and diversification
  • Smart data analytics
  • Personalized service 
  • Automation where necessary.

Read the full article on Forbes: 


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