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Forbes Council: FinTech Trends To Look Out For 2021

Forbes Council: FinTech Trends To Look Out For 2021

2021 is already marked with the ongoing “fintechization” of businesses and services. As Dmitry Dolgorukov, the Co-Founder and CRO at HES FinTech, claims the Covid-19 pandemic challenged the world making a way for the fintech revolution.

In 2021 companies will be focused on building a modern and more engaging customer experience via dedicated services. That will be automated lending and digital banking, AI risk prediction, plenty of payment options in mobile apps, and a path towards cashless economy. Following the fintech trends, businesses get a chance to withstand an intense competition at the time of crisis and gain more loyal customers.

Find out more details in the new article for Forbes:

Fintech Trends to Look Out for 2021

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