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How The Cloud Is Changing Fintech

How The Cloud Is Changing Fintech

Spreading worldwide in the 2010s, cloud technology has an extremely promising future. 

In this article for Forbes, HES Co-Founder Dmitry Dolgorukov focused on cloud adoption in fintech, backed it up with statistics, and listed five ways the cloud will drive fintech into the future. 

The directions for cloud-based fintech advancement include self-service applications, better security features, comprehensive data management, scalability, flexibility, and potential for innovation. 

Also, Dmitry shares best practices of cloud adoption in banks and financial institutions. He draws attention to such areas as encryption and access control, compliance, data segregation, and disaster recovery plan. By keeping all that in mind, financial organizations can move to the cloud at lower risk and higher performance. 

If we go back just 15 years when Amazon released its first cloud-based platform, and all that seemed like a miracle, we could hardly believe the scale to which the cloud technology would expand.

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