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11 Finance Experts Predict Big Changes Coming To The Banking Industry

11 Finance Experts Predict Big Changes Coming To The Banking Industry

The changes in the tech climate inevitably impact the banking industry. HES FinTech CRO Dmitry Dolgorukov was interviewed by Forbes along with the top C-level leaders. 

The editorial team asked Forbes Finance Council professionals about procedures and regulations that are likely to change in the banking industry in the coming years. The answers include going online, expanding the services and digital currencies, the rise of open banking, a focus on security, and more. 

Dmitry Dolgorukov is expecting tech-driven simplification of the banking industry:

“The biggest change that’s happening is a move toward simplicity. Fintechs help create a healthy competitive environment, pushing banks to transform. People will always need financial services and financing; however, banks are going to have to chase clients, not vice versa. They will need to simplify their documentation, implement automation, speed up applications and onboarding, offer improved customer journeys and refine marketing to stay alive,” — he says. 

Find out more details in the new article for Forbes:


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