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The Integration of digiRunner in Digital Lending

The Integration of digiRunner in Digital Lending

The digital lending landscape is undergoing a transformation, driven by innovation and the integration of advanced technologies. A pivotal development in this journey is the integration of digiRunner, a product by TPIsoftware, known for its cutting-edge enterprise solutions. This blog post explores how digiRunner is revolutionizing digital lending, enhancing efficiency, and reshaping customer experiences.

About our Partner, TPIsoftware

TPIsoftware, established in 2005 and recognized as Taiwan’s No.1 DX Software Company, has been a frontrunner in delivering end-to-end IT outsourcing, multi-cloud, and cross-cloud management services. With over 400 large-scale success cases, TPIsoftware has made its mark as a leading fintech software solution provider, earning accolades like the FT top 500 Asia-Pacific fast-growing companies in 2022 and 2023, and Taiwan Excellence Awards for its SaaS products​.

digiRunner: A Catalyst for Change in Digital Lending

digiRunner, a cloud-native API management platform from TPIsoftware, represents the zenith of technological advancement in the lending sector. As a platform that adheres to the highest standards of security and operational efficiency, certified by AWS and ISO 27001, digiRunner is redefining how lending services are delivered and managed.

The Synergy of digiRunner and LoanBox

The integration of digiRunner with LoanBox is set to revolutionize the financial ecosystem for the BFSI sector. This synergy aims to:

  1. Enhance lending workflow: Streamlining the entire process from loan application to disbursal.
  2. Robust security and compliance: With its compliance with Open Banking standards, digiRunner ensures top-tier security and regulatory adherence, crucial for handling sensitive financial data.
  3. Improve customer experience: With digiRunner, lending institutions can offer a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, simplifying the loan application and management process for customers.
  4. Streamline data management: The platform facilitates seamless integration with financial institutions and credit bureaus, ensuring efficient and secure data handling.

This partnership paves the way for swift lending product testing, immediate user feedback collection, and efficient data communication with key systems. Clients can now leverage state-of-the-art tools without the need for extensive system modifications or significant investment

Ivan Kovalenko
Ivan Kovalenko
Co-founder of HES FinTech

A Case Study in Thailand

The potential of digiRunner has already been showcased in a project in Thailand, where TPIsoftware assisted a consumer finance company in developing a new cloud-based loan management system. This project highlighted digiRunner’s ability to facilitate core modernization and streamline lending processes, setting a precedent for future collaborations.


The integration of digiRunner is a significant milestone in the evolution of digital lending. It symbolizes a shift towards more sophisticated, secure, and customer-focused lending solutions. As we continue to witness the transformative effects of this integration, one thing is clear: the future of digital lending is bright, and it is being shaped by innovative platforms like digiRunner.

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