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Taiwan Through the Lens of HES FinTech

Taiwan Through the Lens of HES FinTech

HES FinTech is excited to share the details of our Sales Executive Darya Nehaychik’s recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan, which took place from December 3 to Friday, December 8. This visit marks a significant step in strengthening our partnership with TPIsoftware Corporation and exploring new avenues in the fintech sector.

During her visit, Darya engaged in fruitful discussions with several potential customers about the lending software opportunities offered by HES FinTech. A key focus of these meetings was the implementation and regional marketing strategies for digiBox, our innovative product that integrates digiRunner’s patented API management platform with LoanBox SaaS lending system. This synergy creates a robust lender’s starting kit, simplifying the addition of other components for our clients.

Darya and TPIsoftware also deliberated on strategic directions to enhance the TPIsoftware – HES FinTech partnership, building upon a two-year collaboration history. As Darya remarks, “It was my first trip to Taiwan, and I was thoroughly impressed by the dedication and synergy of the TPIsoftware team. Our mutual goals and the common sense approach they exhibit are commendable. This trip has certainly laid the groundwork for more efficient offline discussions in the future.”

In addition to the business agenda, Darya immersed herself in the rich cultural tapestry of Taiwan. She highlights, “The local cuisine was an absolute revelation, with its fresh seafood, diverse tea flavors, and unique culinary combinations like omelet with baby octopi. Every meal was a delightful experience.”

Navigating the nuances of Taiwanese customs, Darya observed the respectful and understanding nature of the Taiwanese people. “Their constructive approach in explaining local customs made my cultural immersion comfortable and enlightening,” she shares.

This visit not only underscores HES FinTech’s commitment to fostering international partnerships but also highlights the importance of cultural exchange in global business relationships. Darya’s journey is a testament to our ongoing efforts to bridge Eastern and Western business practices, proving that collaborative efforts can lead to greater achievements.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on HES FinTech’s international ventures and insights into the evolving world of financial technology.

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