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HES FinTech Partners with MFC and NayaOne

HES FinTech Partners with MFC and NayaOne

Partnering with the Microfinance Centre (MFC): Advancing Sustainable Social Finance

HES FinTech is proud to announce its membership in the Microfinance Centre, a prestigious social finance network. Joining this esteemed community of finance professionals aligns with HES’s core values of fairness, inclusion, equality, and responsible service at all levels. With over 100 organizations across 36 countries in Europe and Central Asia, the MFC delivers responsible microfinance services to nearly 2,000,000 borrowers worldwide.

Ivan Kovalenko at MFC annual conference 2023

About MFC

The MFC’s dedication to making financial services work effectively for people, communities, and the planet resonates with HES’s mission. HES FinTech facilitates fair and responsible financing through its sustainable and unbiased technology solutions for microfinance lenders globally. 

Being part of the MFC family is an honor for HES, recognizing their commitment to fostering positive change in the industry.

Ivan Kovalenko of HES FinTech
Ivan Kovalenko
Co-Founder and CEO of HES FinTech

To learn more about the partnership between HES FinTech and the Microfinance Centre, please refer to the MFC press release.

Collaborating with NayaOne: Driving Digital Transformation

HES FinTech is thrilled to announce its partnership with NayaOne, a renowned digital transformation platform and fintech marketplace trusted by leading financial institutions worldwide. This collaboration opens doors for HES FinTech to provide embedded finance solutions and innovative products to progressive financial institutions globally. NayaOne empowers both fintechs and lenders on their digital transformation journey.

HES FinTech’s integration with NayaOne’s highly modular cloud-native Fintech-as-a-Service platform enables partners to respond quickly and adapt to evolving market needs.

About NayaOne

NayaOne’s platform facilitates rapid building and evaluation of new propositions securely, connecting financial institutions to fintechs and vast datasets. With 100+ successful bank fintech collaborations and access to 2.5 billion data points, financial institutions can evaluate existing solutions and drive innovation.

We are excited to partner with NayaOne. As the go-to-market strategy, we look forward to working alongside them to help financial institutions. NayaOne’s innovative approach is also noteworthy; by introducing the Digital Transformation Platform to get access to our lending solutions

Elena Zapolyanskaya of HES FinTech
Elena Zapolyanskaya
Head of Partnerships, HES FinTech

It’s good to see that HES FinTech has joined the NayaOne marketplace. They provide companies with a streamlined lending processing solution. With HSE FinTech’s SaaS platform, financial institutions can automate and streamline their lending processes, leading to a seamless user experience and reduced time-to-market

Oli Platt of NayaOne
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne

For more details about the partnership between HES and NayaOne, please refer to the NayaOne partnership announcement.

Looking Ahead

HES is excited to embark on these collaborative journeys, filled with promise and inspiration. These partnerships reflect HES’s commitment to sustainable finance and driving digital transformation in the financial industry. By joining forces with the Microfinance Centre and NayaOne, HES FinTech aims to create a more inclusive and innovative financial ecosystem.

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